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Mobile Phone Request

This request for a new Mobile Phone device may be submitted to all department heads, chairs and supervisors for review only. If this request has not been authorized, please contact your department head, chair or supervisor for approval, before submitting this form. 

If you have questions relating to the Mobile Phone devices such as, product features, compatibility and availability, please contact our Service Desk at 301-405-2269 or email If you have questions relating to phone service plans such as, options and availability, please contact Darrell Claiborne at 301-405-7134 or email

We submit orders within 1-2 business days and will contact you regarding the status. All products will be delivered to the Office of Smith IT. Our Mobile Phone technicians will activate device and help you to setup your Smoogle email, calendar, and contacts. If you have not been notified within 2 business days that your phone has been ordered, please proactively contact the Service Desk via to inquire about the status.

Please remember to keep all components and material associated with this device otherwise you may be charged replacement fees.

Note: You must be logged in with your Smith School account to be able to see and fill out the form. If you are also signed into a personal Gmail account then the form may not display. Please log out of your personal Gmail account and reload the page, or open this page in a different browser than the one you use for your personal Gmail account and then sign in with your Smith School account.

Mobile Phone Request