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Why did the Business School choose to use Google Apps for Education?
As alternatives to "in house" email develop, we've reached a point where cost versus benefit tips over to outsourcing email. Many universities large and small have already made this switch. Google is a familiar entity and provides services and in addition, student testing showed a much stronger desire to utilize Google than any other hosted email service.

Will Smoogle be the only email solution offered to the Smith Student Community?
Yes. All students will be migrated to the Google Apps for Education Platform during 2012. Faculty and staff will be migrated to an as-yet-to-be-determined mail system starting during the Summer/Fall 2012 semester.

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How do I login to Smoogle?
At the time of writing this article, Smoogle has not yet launched, but once it has, you will be able to access the new Smoogle login page by going to Thanks to the excellent work of our fellow IT staff at the campus Division of Technology (formerly known as the Office of Information Technology) you can login to your Smoogle account using your University Directory ID and password when using a web browser. (If you're accessing your account using a smartphone app, or an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, then you'll need to setup a Google password and login with your Smith email address as described here).

How do I create my account?
For all new students, the account will automatically be created for you. All you will need to do will be to login using your campus Directory ID and password and you're ready to go! For existing students, you will be contacted by the Smoogle Team to schedule the migration time. However, if you would like to migrate ahead of schedule you can visit this page and create your account and we'll then go ahead and migrate your data.

What will my email address be?
Your email address provided to you in your Smoogle account will remain the same as your current Smith email address. For incoming students this is usually, however if that name is already taken we will create a variant for you.

Do I need to change my password?
No. You will be able to use your campus Directory ID and password without changing them.

What if I already have a Gmail account?
If you already have a personal Gmail account, that's OK. Your Smoogle account is totally separate from your personal Google/Gmail account, so nothing will change about your personal Google account. You will not be able to integrate these two accounts at this time, although there are various methods you can use to copy the data from one account to another. Visit this page for more information on pulling your data into one account.

Keep in mind that the Business School will always use your official Smith email address for campus communication. Official Smith email will go to your address and email addressed to your personal email will go to your current Gmail account. We recommend that you forward your address to your Smith email address so you only have one place to find all your important communications, as described here.

There is no possibility to merge your personal and Google accounts into one (although you can move data between accounts as outlined here). However, you can be signed into both the Google domain accounts AND accounts simultaneously by adjusting the "multiple sign-in" settings in each account. Additionally, you can set your Google accounts to POP or IMAP messages between them, or set up a forwarding rule to send messages from one account to another. See this article from Google on how to sign-in to multiple accounts at once.

If you prefer to forward your Smoogle account to a different email address, then you can set that up with the instructions in this Google support article on the topic.

My Smith account is already setup to forward to another address. What will happen to it when you migrate me to Smoogle?
The forward will remain in place on your Smith account until it is migrated, at which time your mail will forward to your Smoogle account. You can login to your Smith mail and change the forwarding anytime before your access is migrated. Once the migration has completed you will need to login to your Smoogle account and set up forwarding via the Gmail interface. For legal reasons, it is not possible for Smoogle administrators to configure your Smoogle account for forwarding. Google also requires that you validate you have rights to the address you want to forward your email to by sending a confirmation email.

For more information see Google's support article on the topic.

How much storage space will my new account have?
More than 25 GB and counting; this is 12.5 times the storage capacity of the previous Lotus-based Smith Mail student accounts. Google continues to add more storage space so email users can archive older messages rather than having to delete them. Much more generous amounts of storage space will allow your email to truly become a filing system during your college career, and beyond!

Google does limit message size (including attachments) to 20 MB, so you don't need to worry about a large attachment taking up all your email space.

How long will I have an email address with the Business School for?
We plan to always provide an email namespace for our students so they have an @rhsmith address for not only while they are studying here, but also to keep after graduation so that recruiters, classmates, friends and family etc can continue to reach you through your @rhsmith address. 

How long can I keep my Smoogle account for?
For as long as you're a student at the Robert H Smith School of Business, the account is yours. And once you've graduated you can continue to use the account (although you'll have to use your Smith email address and Google password to access the account). If you leave the School before you graduate then you will lose your account.

Note that we can only guarantee the accounts being hosted on Google while we maintain a contract with them. We are unable to participate future business decisions of Google, or that their offerings will continue to fit our business needs. If at some point we need to move our mail platform from Google we would hope to offer a similar set of services at a different provider. Failing that, we would wish to always offer a minimum of mail forwarding of your email address to your personal address, if not a fully featured collaboration platform.

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What happens to my old emails?
Not to worry. All of your messages in your Smith mail account will be migrated to your new account. This includes sent mail, items in your inbox, messages filed in folders, and archived messages (after they are unarchived; see below for more information). Messages with attachments will also migrate as long as they are under the 20MB message size limit as set by Google. Please note that if you have been forwarding your Smith mail account to your personal account then we will not be able to migrate your email to your Smoogle account as it resides in your personal account.

What about my contacts in my Smith Mail account?
Your contacts stored in your Smith Mail account will be automatically migrated. If you're using a different email client and have an address book in that, you'll be able to import them yourself once your Smoogle account has been migrated.

Will my calendar entries migrate to my new account?
Yes, your entire calendar from your Lotus-based Smith email account will be copied over to your Smoogle account.

How will the migration affect personal email folders created in your mailbox?
Your folders will be converted into labels in your Smoogle account and your messages 'filed' accordingly. If you're not sure what a label is, see this Google support article on the topic.

I have archived mail in Smith Mail; will those messages be migrated?
Generally students do not have Smith Mail archives, if however for some reason you were granted one, it will be migrated at the same time as your regular mailbox.

How long will I be able to access my old Smith Mail account?
Once your mailbox has been migrated to Smoogle you will lose access to your Smith mailbox.

How does migration affect existing sent and received emails when responding to something received prior to migration?
Individuals using Smoogle will not have any problems replying to messages that have been migrated over from Smoogle.

Can we make the switch sooner rather than later?
We will be rolling out Smoogle to the incoming class arriving Fall 2012 first and will then look to migrate the rest of the student population during September 2012. However we are pleased to announce that you can have your account migrated ahead of schedule by visiting and clicking the Create My Account button. Your account will be immediately created and within 6 hours your Smith emails will start being delivered to your new Smoogle account. We will also migrate any existing messages, calendar events and contacts stored in your Lotus-based Smith email account to your new Smoogle account.


Is my information secure?
Absolutely. Just like bank and credit card websites, Gmail uses always-on HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure, so someone sharing your favorite coffee shop's public wi-fi can't sneak a peek at your information.

Who owns the data?

  • Google owns the software and applications within Google Apps for Education.
  • The Business School owns the email, calendar and all other data within our Google domain and is protected as under our current email system.
  • Google is required to comply with all applicable privacy laws. The University's agreement with Google specifically requires Google to comply with FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) when handling data that includes Smith student information. In addition, Google is registered with the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement, which helps ensure that the protection of Smith's data will comply with European Union standards for educational institutions.
  • The University's agreement with Google limits Google's use of Smith's data to the uses necessary for Google to provide the services required by the Business School. Google may not scan or mine Smith's data for advertising or other purposes. Google is contractually prohibited from serving advertisements in Smith's Google Apps for Education environment.

For more information, see this Google webpage about security & privacy.

Can I export my data from Smoogle?

Yes, a team of Google engineers have created a site detailing the methods that you can use to take your data out of Smoogle and are constantly updating their tools for doing this. Check their website at for more information.


What services are included in the Google Apps for Education package?
Google Apps for Education is MUCH more than email. Everyone with a new Smoogle account also will have access to calendaring, contact lists, an "Office-like" word processor and spreadsheet program (Google Docs), and chat messaging. Our initial roll-out includes Apps that recreate the functions we have been using in the Smith Mail system. Other services may be added in the future as they become available and if/when they are deemed appropriate.

Where do I go to learn more about how to use Google Apps?
You're already in the right place. Bookmark not only as the launch point for logging in, but also for learning more about Google Apps.

Can I log on to other Google-sponsored services with my Smoogle username and password (e.g.,, etc.)?
Your Google Apps username and password will only work with the services that have been deployed within the domain. To access other Google services, you will need to use a personal account through Google.

Will I be able to customize my email homepage background?
Yes. To modify the appearance of your Smoogle account, click on the wheel in the upper right corner and select Settings. Then select the tab for Themes and select your preferred appearance.

Are Google's search functions built into Smoogle?
Google’s search capabilities are built into all Google Apps by default. You can search on any piece of information contained within an email message, whether a name, email address, date or time, keyword, attachment name, etc. Similarly, you can search within Contacts, Calendar, Docs, and other Apps to find what you are seeking.

Will I have access to a global address book?
Yes. All Smith student email addresses are already available in the global contact list. The email addresses of all Smith faculty and staff are added as shared contacts. As you send messages from your Smoogle account, addresses are automatically added to your personal contact list.

Can I import a contact list into my Smoogle account?
Yes! Note that if you have any contacts in your old Lotus-based Smith mail account we will migrate those over to your Google account when it's activated. However if you have other contacts, you can import them from Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo!, and other services into your Contact list. To do so, first make sure your file is formatted as a CSV (Comma Separated Value). Then, access the contact manager and import your file by clicking Import on the right side. For more information, see this Google help page with instructions.

Note: You can only import up to 3,000 contacts at a time. If you have more than 3,000 contacts, you'll need to create multiple CSV files and upload the files separately.

Can I color code my messages?
You can assign colors to your labels by clicking the arrow to the right of the label in your list and select the color in the "Label color" section.

Can I use a third party email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc) to read my messages?
Yes, just see this help page on Google's website for IMAP or this help page on Google's website for POP to configure your client. Please note: You will need to create a Google password to access your email through any other method than a web-browser. See this article on how to setup a Google password.

How do I archive my email?
To archive a message, click on the message and then click the "archive" button. To access that message again, search for it by using the name or email address of the sender or recipient, a keyword from the subject or message body, etc. It will be located in the "All Mail" label of your account. See this Google help page with instruction.

How do I share my email account with someone else?
Delegated access to a Smoogle account can be granted by following the instructions on this Google Help doc.

How do I manage my someone else's calendar?
Individuals can share access to their calendar with any other Google account, whether inside the domain or outside. Instructions for sharing a calendar are at this Google help doc.

How do I set reminders on appointments in my calendar?
See this section of Google Calendar Help for information about calendar reminders and notifications.

What are the limitations on attached files in my Smoogle account?
To help prevent viruses, Gmail won't accept file attachments that are executable files. There's also a 20 MB size limitation on messages.

Can I upload and download PDF files using Google Docs and Spreadsheets?
Yes. While in the Docs app, click the Upload button and select Files. Select the file you wish to upload and confirm your selection. Once the upload is finished, you will see the file listed in your document listing.

Are there limitations on file sizes within the Smoogle services?

  • Documents: The maximum permitted size is 500 KB plus up to 2 MB per embedded image. Additionally, your account has a limit of 5000 documents and 5000 images.
  • Presentations: The maximum permitted size is 10MB with a limit of 5000 documents and 5000 images.
  • Spreadsheets: Each spreadsheet can be up to 10,000 rows, or up to 256 columns, or up to 50,000 cells, or up to 20 sheets -- whichever limit is reached first. Imported spreadsheets cannot exceed 1 MB. Your account is limited to 200 spreadsheets.

How can I reflect a formal name change within my Smoogle account?
First update your name with the University, then send an email to the Office of Smith IT Service Desk ( and include your Smith email address, your old and new name. We will then verify your name change has been successfully completed at the University level and update your name in Smoogle.

Can I send and receive email from other accounts within my Smoogle account?
Yes. Follow these steps to add other email accounts to send and receive mail within your Smoogle account.

Can I forward email from my Smoogle account?
To forward your Smoogle messages to another account:

1. Log into Smoogle using your username and password.
2. Click on settings in the upper right corner.
3. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
4. Select "Forward a copy of incoming mail to..." and fill in the appropriate information.

For more information see Google's support article on the topic 

Can I forward mail from my Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo!, etc. account to my Smoogle account?
To transfer information from one account to another, users can forward messages to Smoogle accounts. Please refer to the documentation provided by your email provider for instructions on how to forward your email.

Can I set up filters using this new account?
Log into Smoogle with your username and password. Click on the wheel in the upper right corner, then select Settings. Click on Filters and create a new filter. For more information, see this Google help page.

How is spam handled in Google Apps?
Google maintains a sophisticated anti-spam solution for all of their Gmail accounts. This system is maintained by Google and cannot be altered by Smith staff. Any email coming from a Smoogle address to a Smoogle account is automatically trusted to ensure that you can effectively communicate with fellow students or colleagues. Please take a look at this page for more information on how to work with your Spam folder, mark messages as not spam, whitelist senders and so on.

How do I report junk email?
While viewing a message, use the Report Spam button to let Google know if you received junk email or a spoofed message. Use the Report Phishing link to let Google know if you have received a phishing message. You will see a red warning message at the top of any emails that are suspected of referencing a phishing site. Please take a look at this page for more information on how to work with your Spam folder, mark messages as not spam, whitelist senders and so on.

How do I set up vacation messages for my Smoogle account?
You can create a vacation response (a.ka. Out of Office) in your Smoogle account that will automatically reply to anyone who emails you. Instructions are on this Google help page.

Why are the Smoogle services slightly different from similar services that are publicly provided by Google?
Google has customized the Google Apps for Education services for optimal educational collaboration. Students, faculty, and staff will not see advertisements and Smith branding will appear at the top of most Google Apps pages. In addition, the Business Schoool has taken steps to ensure that your data is protected above and beyond a publicly available account.

When will Google add new features to Google Apps? Why didn't anyone tell me Google was going to change something?
Google updates their applications on a regular basis and does so without notification, so IT is not able to let you know beforehand. All applications should be considered Google's property and any feature requests should be directed to Google and not Smith IT.

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I use a smartphone or mobile device to read my messages/check my calendar. Will I still be able to do this?
Please Note: You will need to create a password in your Smoogle account to access your email via a mobile device. See this page for more information.

Google services are very easy to access on a smartphone or mobile device. See this webpage on the Google Apps Learning Center for instructions on setting up your smartphone or mobile device. If you already had a Smith Mail account we recommend that you delete the existing Smith Mail setup on your smartphone or mobile device, then add your Smoogle account as a new account.

What devices can I use to access my Smoogle account?
Smoogle is typically accessed through the web at, but you may use a mobile device or other IMAP client to access your account. See Google's IMAP help page for more information on configuring IMAP for Google. Please Note: You will need to create a password for your Google account to access your email with a smartphone app or with an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. See this page for more information.

Which mobile devices support access to Smoogle?
You can access your Smoogle account using the following handheld mobile devices:

  • Android devices
  • Apple iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches
  • BlackBerry devices
  • HP webOS devices
  • Windows Mobile devices
See the Google Apps Learning Center pages for Mobile Users for specific instructions.  Please Note: You will need to create a password for your Google account to access your email with a smartphone app or with an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. See this page for more information. 

I'm very concerned about accessing my email and calendar with my Blackberry.
There are known issues between Google and RIM (owner of Blackberry); these are largely beyond our control. Our testing has indicated that synching email and calendar information does work between Google and Blackberry devices using the instructions linked in the previous question.

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Can alumni request Smoogle accounts?
For our initial rollout in 2012 we do not plan on offering Smoogle accounts to previous Alumni (including the graduating class of May 2012). Our currently enrolled students can login using their University Directory ID and password, whereas at this those services are not extended to Alumni. As we move through the year we will be examining methods that Alumni can authenticate and access their Smoogle account. We fully anticipate that starting with the students that graduate in December 2012 and May 2013 we will be able to offer accounts to our Alumni.

I'm graduating in May 2012, will I be able to use Google Apps?
We will not be automatically migrating the Lotus-based Smith accounts for the students graduating in May 2012 to the Google platform. Those Alumni will continue to use our email forwarding for life program (as you graduate, login to and update your profile to include your personal email address that you want your Smith mail to forward to). However if you would like to use the Smoogle system, please go ahead and request your account to be converted prior to graduation. To do so, go to and click the Create My Account button.  Your account will be immediately created and within 6 hours your Smith emails will start being delivered to your new Smoogle account. We will also migrate any existing messages, calendar events and contacts stored in your Lotus-based Smith email account to your new Smoogle account. 

See additional information for graduating students on this MBANetworth graduation page.

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Can PhD Students request a Smoogle account?

Yes. PhD Students can request a Smoogle account using the same method outlined above in the previous question. Note that students in the PhD program do not get an email address/forwarding for life and therefore only have the account while they are at the Robert H Smith School of Business. Approximately 6 months after graduation you will lose access to your account, so please ensure you have retrieved/backed up any information from your Smoogle account that you wish to keep. See the website run by Google Engineers for more information on how to retrieve your data from Goole applications.

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How do these changes impact faculty and staff?
Faculty and staff email accounts will remain on the Smith Mail system while we evaluate future options.

Does the shift to Google Apps for email service mean that we will be moving away from being able to access email via IMAP?
Gmail supports both POP and IMAP access for clients, and Smith IT suggests using IMAP access when setting up a client. Please Note: You will need to create a password in your Smoogle account to access your email via either a smartphone app, or via an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. See this page for more information on setting up a Google password.

I would like to know if and how we can use Google Docs for group projects once we are all on Google.
Google Docs will be available to all students within the domain. Students are welcome to take advantage of the service for group projects or other needs but the Smith School does not require or recommend the usage of Google Docs and instead suggests that students use the tools that work best for them.

Am I held accountable to the University of Maryland's Acceptable Use Policy while using Gmail and other Google Apps?
Yes. If you have any questions, please review the Acceptable Use Policy web page.

Am I required to use my Smoogle account?
Your email address is an official communication mechanism for the Business School. Google provides the option of directing mail from your Smith-supplied email address to other addresses, but cannot guarantee delivery. Those who choose to forward their Smith addressed email do so at their own risk.

Who do I call if I have questions or need technical support?
The Office of Smith IT's Service Desk is ready to answer your questions. Check out the Google Apps for Education help pages first, and if you need more information, feel free to contact the Service Desk via phone at (301) 405-2269, or send an email to

Can I create my own Groups in Google Groups for Business?

At launch time we are restricting the creation of new Groups by asking that you fill out an online form. As we get to grips with the demands and usage patterns we hope to open up the creation of Groups by our users without the need for intervention by IT. Note that Google Groups are different from the personal groups you may have in your Contacts. Have a look at the information on Google Groups under the Learn by app > Groups menu on the left or with this direct link here: