Opening a delegated (or shared) mailbox

You can share your own Smoogle mailbox with others as explained here. However you may also have a mailbox delegated (shared) to you, perhaps a departmental one. If someone has given you access rights to a mailbox you can open it by clicking your email address in the top-right corner of your mail and choosing the mailbox from the drop-down list that appears. The mailbox will appear in a new browser tab or window depending on the browser you are using. You'll then have full access to the emails and contacts for that mailbox and will be able to send out messages from that account.

A delegated (shared) mailbox can only be shared with a maximum of 25 people. Any more and you'll need to think of a different solutions (perhaps a Google Group). Note that users do not have permissions to share a delegated mailbox with others, only Smoogle Admins can so contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance with that.

If you need to audit who has access to a delegated mailbox, open it and send a blank email to and within a few minutes a report will be emailed back to that mailbox listing who has access. Review the report and then contact the Helpdesk to request any changes.

Note: If you had your Smoogle account open when you were given access to the delegated mailbox you may not see it until you refresh or restart your webbrowser. If refreshing (usually F5 on the keyboard) does not work, shut down all your browser windows and re-launch and try again. It can also take up to 30 minutes from when the mailbox is shared with you before you get access.

Additionally Safari on the Mac OS has difficulties sometimes opening delegated mailboxes. If you are unable to open a delegated mailbox when using Safari, use a different browser (Chrome is recommended, but Firefox will also work).