Switching from Lotus Notes
Here are some tips for making the switch from Lotus Notes® to Google Apps.
Switching from Lotus Notes®
Life After Lotus Notes®

(PDF) Quickly learn to accomplish some of the same tasks in Gmail and Google Calendar that you're used to in Lotus Notes®. Also includes power tips.

Print this reference guide out and keep it on your desk as you learn to use Google Apps!
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Desktop Shortcut
If you'd like to put a shortcut to the Smoogle mail page on your desktop, see this article to either copy the shortcut there, or see what URL you need to bookmark.

Signature Block
Setup your signature block using the information in this article. Note that by default Gmail puts the signature block at the very bottom of any replies or forwards, so make sure you check the box to place it at the bottom of your reply.

Delegated (or shared) mailbox
If you've been given rights to open another mailbox, such as a departmental one, you can do so by clicking your email address in the top right of your mailbox and opening the mailbox from the drop down. See this article for more information.

Out of Office
In Lotus Notes you had the Out of Office, in Smoogle you have the Vacation Responder. Read this article on how to setup and enable this tool.

Color Coded Messages
One of the great features of Lotus Notes was the ability to manage your Inbox by color coding emails from various recipients. There isn't an exact match for that feature in Gmail, but you can set up something fairly similar using mail filters and colored labels. See here for an example of how to configure Smoogle to make messages from various recipients easier to distinguish at a glance.

Preview Pane
If you like using the Preview Pane in Lotus Notes or iNotes, we have enabled a Gmail Lab that give you the same functionality. You can find the icon for changing your preview pane settings in the top right of your Inbox just to the left of the Settings icon.

In Lotus Notes you can setup predefined emails, almost templates, that you can use over and over again, saving you time from re-typing frequent emails. Gmail doesn't have that built it, but if you use the Canned Response feature from the Gmail Labs, it's close enough to fill the role. See this page for more information on using Canned Responses. Note that if your mail is being migrated from Lotus Notes to Smoogle then you'll probably find your old stationery items in your drafts folder so you can quickly convert them into Canned Responses.

Calendar Notifications
In Lotus Notes when you receive a new meeting invite it would go to your Inbox. In Smoogle however the default is to add the event to your calendar and not send you an email. Therefore unless you're carefully managing your calendar you may miss new or changed meetings. See this page for information on how to enable calendar notifications (as well as set up a daily 5am email with your agenda if you want).

Follow Up Flags
In Lotus Notes you could add a follow up flag to an email with an optional reminder pop-up and/or email notification so you could action that email later. The equivalent feature in Gmail is called a star. You can't set any reminders but you can use different colored stars to separate out important items. Have a look at this page for more information on using starred messages.

Gmail Notifier
The Gmail Notifier is a downloadable application that alerts you whenever you have new Gmail messages without you needing to have your browser open to your Inbox. There's a version for Windows and Macs that have slightly different features. Click here for Windows or here for Mac to learn more.

Removing Lotus Traveler from your Mobile device
If you had previously set your iPhone/iPad or Android device to use your old Lotus based Smith email with Traveler you can now remove that service by following the directions on this page here. You can see how to set up Smoogle with your Mobile device using the Mobile Setup link from the Basics menu on the left.

Leave Request Calendar
If you previously used the leave tracking application in Lotus Notes to schedule and/or approve vacation requests from your team, you can use a Google calendar to achieve the same thing. Read this article for more information on setting up a Group Vacation calendar in Smoogle.
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