GoogleThe Office of Smith IT is pleased to announce the addition of Google+ to the list of services offered under our Google Apps for Education implementation. Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world, providing new ways for students and faculty to find, share and connect online -- both inside and outside the classroom.

Google+ for Google Apps is a social media platform that lets your users share information and collaborate with others, both inside and outside your organization. Users can post all sorts of content, such as text, links, photos, and videos to enhance communication and collaboration within your organization, as well as with customers and clients.

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Key features in Google+

Google+ Profiles: Users can create rich profiles that include information such as their contact details, projects they're working on, and their expertise. Users can choose which information is visible to others inside or outside your organization. Learn more about profiles

Circles: Users can share what they want with whom they want by organizing their coworkers and other contacts into circles, such as those for different teams, projects, special-interest groups, and customers. Learn more about circles

Hangouts: Users can communicate face-to-face with others in multi-way video rooms called hangouts—without complicated audio and video setup. Hangouts provide screen sharing and integrate with Google Drive files for collaborative document editing. Learn more about hangouts

Streams: Users can find and engage with content that's shared with them in their streams. Learn more about streams

Organize your college life with Circles
Circles make it easy to organize your online social and academic lives by sharing relevant content with the right people. With Circles, your photography friends don’t have to get an update about your morning workout, and your triathlon team doesn’t see all your thoughts on the latest camera gear.

Promote your class, group or team with Google+ Pages
With Google+ Pages, you can create a page for your student organization or class and use it to share important updates with your membership.

Collaborate and share with Hangouts
Hangouts are group video chat that you can use with up to 9 of your friends. It's ideal when you need to hold virtual office hours, or collaborate on a project - but you're not able to physically meet in the same room. Hangouts are also a great way to connect with your high school friends and family, or to spend time watching YouTube videos with friends in other dorms when you don’t feel like putting on your shoes.

For College Students
Google+ is a great way to enjoy your social and work time online. We’re talking about new ways
to connect with people (have you tried the “hangouts,” group video chat, yet?); organize people
like roommates and clubs into groups called circles; and keep up with it all on your phone. 
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