Set up your Directory ID and password

University Directory ID 
Many systems on campus use the University Directory ID for security (sometimes called the LDAP ID). Your username and password are maintained in that system, not by any of the systems that connect to it. You must know your username and password stored in that directory to be a student on this campus.  Systems that use it include vSmith, the Testudo student information system (where courses are added or dropped), the Canvas online course materials system, and the campus’ wireless network, the vSmith as well as using it to set (or reset) your Google password for Smoogle mail platform for Smith Students, Faculty and Staff.

If you have never used your University Directory username or password, or have forgotten what they are, you can look up your username and set your password at:

PLEASE NOTE: When you first set up your University Directory ID, you are given a default ID by campus. If you opt to change that default Directory ID it can take up to 6 hours before that change is registered on all Smith services. Please be aware that if you change your Directory ID you may not be able to immediately set a Google password on your Smith email account as described here. If you have just changed your Directory ID and are unable to set your Google password, please wait six hours and try again.

To set your initial password:
First time users who don’t have a password or who don’t know their directory user name should open their web browser and go to:  Click yes to proceed through the Security alert message if you see one.

Here you will be asked some questions to verify your identity. Note that if the campus doesn't have the correct information on file for you that you will not make it past this screen.  If that is the case, you will have to talk to the campus’ help desk at 301-405-1500.  

If you make it past the identity verification page you will be asked to answer some security questions and to set your 
password.  For Directory passwords, the following quality rules are applied:
  • A password must be at least 8 and no more than 32 characters in length.
  • A password must contain at least one uppercase letter.
  • A password must contain at least one lowercase letter.
  • A password must contain at least one character from the set of digits or punctuation characters (such as # @ $ & 
  • among others).
  • A password may not begin or end with the space character.
  • A password may not contain more than two consecutive identical characters.
  • Note: The following characters currently may not be used in passwords: ( ) * \
You should confirm that the information in your directory entry looks correct.  In particular, it’s important that your forwarding address be set correctly.  This is where University systems will send your email, including all course-related email sent to you by faculty through Blackboard!  We strongly recommend that you forward your email to your Smith email address. Correct your email address, plus any mailing or phone address problems in Testudo.