Logging in to Smoogle

If you have not already set up a Google password, please follow the directions on this page here

Note that if you just setup your Directory ID and changed it from the default one assigned to you, it can take up to 6 hours for the new ID to be registered in our systems, so you may need to wait 6 hours and then try again.

Access your Smoogle account by going to any Google page and clicking the Sign-in link in the top right corner, or go to mail.rhsmith.umd.edu. At the sign-in page enter your full Smith email address and your Google password that you previously set. You will then be logged into your account and have access to all the provided services.

That's it! You use the same Smith email address and Google password on any mobile device you may have. Check out the mobile device setup pages here for more information on using your Smoogle account with it.