Setting up your RHSmith email account

Your Smith email address is the communication channel used by the Business School to send you important information. It's your responsibility to check your Smith email account for any messages that you may have been sent by Faculty or School administrators. 

Attached at the bottom of this page are orientation documents for students as well as staff/faculty in PDF format with clickable linksAlternatively for online versions, click here for the student orientation document or here for the staff/faculty document.

You can use this checklist below to make sure you can access your Smith email account. 

Incoming faculty and staff get their accounts created after Payroll has submitted the required information to the Office of Smith IT. Note that the email account provided to staff and faculty is intended for work related activities and recommend that you do not use it for personal activities and communications. The Office of Smith IT will contact your supervisor to let them know when your new account is ready. If you're a new hire and you don't have an account yet, please contact Payroll via or in person in Suite 3570 at Van Munching Hall. 

MBA/MS and PhD Students get their Smoogle account created automatically. 

 You must perform these tasks
 Set up your University Directory ID and password  Learn more
 Set up a Google password to use with your Smoogle account Learn more
 Login to Smoogle and start reading and sending emails  Learn more
 Students - Login to Testudo and forward your UMD email to Smoogle   Learn more
 Faculty/Staff - Login to ARES and forward your UMD email to Smoogle  Learn more

You can also perform these additional tasks if you want to set up Smoogle on your mobile device, or forward all your Smoogle emails to your own personal/work email account.

 Optional tasks
 Set up your mobile device with Smoogle (document attached below with more information)  Learn more
 Set up an email client with Smoogle  Learn more
 Read the Smith FAQs to find out more about Smoogle  Learn more
 You can forward your Smoogle email to a different address  Learn more

Contact the Office of Smith IT Service Desk on 301 405 2269 or via email at, or visit us in person in Suite 3520 at Van Munching Hall.

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