Smoogle Backup Tools

We've equipped the Smoogle accounts of our faculty and staff with an additional layer of protection by utilizing a backup product called Spanning Backup. Once per day the content of emails, calendars, contacts, Drive documents and Sites are backed up. Unlike older traditional backups (such as with removable media and tape libraries) the old backups are not overwritten so you can go back to any previous backup and restore anything you would like. If you accidentally deleted a folder and all the emails in it two months ago, you would go to the last backup that it was in and restore the folder and emails back to your account.

The service is very simple to use and anyone with a Spanning account can restore their own data at any time without needing assistance from a Smith IT backup administrator. 

To open the Spanning interface, login to your Smoogle account. From the Google Grid icon in the top right, click on it, then More and then choose the Spanning Backup icon. The Spanning Backup interface will open in a new tab

Below are videos showing how to use Spanning to restore your data, whether it's for email, calendar entries, contacts or documents.

Restore Deleted Email with Spanning Backup

Restore Google Drive Docs with Spanning Backup