Music and Art Appreciation

Composer and Artist Papers

Kelly and Saila and Morgan - Michael Giachinno
Clarissa and Emily - Alan Menken
Cloey and Jasmine - Hans Zimmer
Clarisse and Jessie - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Eddie and Anthony - John Williams
Alex K and Bill - Leonardo da Vinci
Carmen and Cherry - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Melissa and Maggie - Richard Rodgers
Jake and Ryan - Ludwig von Beethoven
Shelly and Peter - Randy Edelman
Mikey and John - Bob Ross
Sunny and Skyler - Vincent van Gogh
Bryant and Alex V - Michelangelo
Julissa and Aliyah - Steven Sondheim
Rachel and Shanoree - Danny Elfman
Alex E and Adam and Amer - Johann Sebastian Bach
Nate and Derek - Andy Warhol

Handel's Messiah

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Ohio State Buckeye Marching Band - Michael Jackson Tribute

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Starry Night - Video of Vincent van Gogh's artwork

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