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Issues that RHINO is researching

Bed Bug Best Practices

Density is destiny?  As construction costs push up rents, tenants may be forced into smaller, higher or micro units. 

Enhancing Tenant Protections  What are some legislative changes that would increase rental household stability?

Eviction in Ohio

HUD Realignment-could reduce tenant access to HUD decision makers

On line search tools:  Do on line home search tools promote better housing choices?  how can search tools be improved?

Multifamily Transformation:  How's that working for you HUD?

National Housing Trust FundNHTF has funding from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but continued funding, expanded funding and implementation of the program in Ohio continue to be questions.

Performance Based Contract Administration

Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (PTFA) was not extended in the 113th Congress.  There are no other protections for tenants living in foreclosed properties in Ohio..

Senior Housing-meeting the demographic challenges
By 2050, the population of individuals aged 65 or older will be more than 88 million, meaning one in every five Americans will be 65 or older. The reality of these statistics has pushed housing organizations, advocates and policymakers alike to ensure that older adults have access to safe, decent and affordable housing in communities across the nation.  read more..

Stories worth saving

Tenant Civil Rights:  Should people give up their civil rights when the live in rental housing

Tenant Consumer Rights  Ohio is a funny state because our Consumer Sales Practices Act doesn't apply to landlord tenant agreements. However, tenants in Ohio may get some help under Federal protections

Issues that RHINO is working on

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. 
Learn how jurisdictions (state and local governments) and recipients of Federal funding will be required to increase opportunities for protected classes.  Join the discussion.

Code Enforcement Housing Code enforcement can improve rental housing conditions, improve neighborhoods, and preserve a healthy tax base.

Domestic Violence Protections House Bill 297: Extending the protections of Violence against Women Act (VAWA) to private housing providers

Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Housing

Federal Issues

Federal Tax Reform This is not exactly a housing issue and Federal Tax reform is unlikely to get much attention before 2015 when the shape of the new Congress is sorted out. However efforts are underway to reshape how housing is treated in the tax code.

Re Entry-citizens returning from prison often barred from housing

Rent Burden
  Rents are rising, wages stagnant.  More households paying greater than 30% of income for shelter

Source of income discrimination Denial of rental or difference in treatment should be illegal in Ohio

Smoke free multifamily housing.  What are the best practices to minimize harm to tenants?  

Stop SB 134:  This proposed bill would gut Fair Housing protections for Ohioans, would prevent complainants from bringing charges of discrimination and would cost the State of Ohio a million $$ a year.

Towing Regulation.  Ohio House Is Unanimous on Towing Law Changes. HB 382 establishes new rules for towing companies. For many tenants (and their guests) this bill provides welcome relief from the predatory practices of towing companies working in rental housing properties. Next, HB 382 moves to the Senate for concurrence.

  • Columbus Cracks Down on Private Property Towing Companies. House Bill 382 offers protections from private towing companies.
  • Tenant Screening New technology outstrips tenant (and consumer) protections. 

    Toledo Lead Ordinance  Toledo considers requiring lead abate  (draft ordinance attached below)

    USDA Minimum Rents- paying more for less...

    Utility Reselling- Do you pay the landlord instead of the utility company?  You may be getting ripped off.

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