Welcome to the Library Media Center

Teen Read Week

October 7-11

Get Wild About Your Library

Come to the Media Center and participate in our special activities.

There will be a special activity every day with the winner receiving a gift card.

Every time you check out a book you get to choose a small prize.

All week long we will be featuring the Whose Pet is That? activity. Guess which staff member each bet belongs to.


Monday:  Answer 5 questions by going to the Endangered Wildlife website. Winner: Daniel Krawczyk

Tuesday: Answer questions about the books in the Scientists in the Field series. Winner: Grace Veltri

Wednesday: Use clues to guess the title of the Shredded Book. Winner: Kiera Braunwart

Thursday: Answer 5 questions using the Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition. Winner: Vinnie Sladek

Today: Guess how many books are in our Tower of Books.

Library Hours:
Monday through Thursday:
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
7:00 AM - 2:10 PM

Library Staff:
Mrs. Cole, Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Brown, Library Assistant
Mr. French, Library Assistant

Contact information:
860 228-9423 ext. 4014