Absence Procedures for Make-Up Work

Check on"For all absences, it is the student's responsibility to contact their teachers upon return to school to determine the work missed. For excused absences, students are allowed one day of time to make up work for each day absent. Under Board Policy for Attendance, for all unexcused absences student will receive a zero for work missed or due on the day of the unexcused absence (Board Policy - Attendance 5113). Teachers may allow work to be made up at their discretion. Student Handbook, page 11.
 EnglishHomework assignments are located in the right hand wire basket on the table next to the filing cabinet. Students should see me for any clarifications.
 MathCheck the online website for the assignment. Use the online book and study the examples if possible. Get extra help when you return. Hand in make-up work no later than the number of days you were out.
 ReadingKeep reading your SSR book.  Check the absent folder and see me when you return to get missed assignments. Hand in make-up work no later than the number of days you were out.
 ScienceCheck the online website for the assignment; book is to be kept at home. See teacher upon return. Student will receive the amount of days absent to hand in assignment; after that, assignment will receive a 0.
 Social Studies Check online website for assignment.  Contact teacher by email if you need handouts, Yhey will be emailed if available online. Otherwise see teacher when you return.  You will have 3 days for each day absent.  
 Study Skills