Welcome to Purple Team!

October 22 - 26

Veterans Day Program - Friday, November 9 - we are still seeking volunteers to come speak to our Purple Team students on this day.  If you or anyone you know is retired or active duty military, we would love to welcome you!

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes, and Projects
  • English 8 - students continue to work on their Nothing But the Truth final essays.  We are tackling different drafting topics each day and your student should be working 20-25 minutes each night to review their work, continue drafting, and plan for the next day.  Writing lab is available Wednesday for interested students!
  • Algebra - Chapter 3 test on Tue 

Purple Team General Announcements and Reminders

A few running reminders:

Student absences -- we know it can be very hard to stay healthy and avoid the various viruses and bugs that go around late in the winter.  If your students is absent for any reason, please advise them to use their resources when seeking to get caught up.  They should check any Google Classroom they are a part of, the homework website, and check in with peers to see what has been covered.  They should also seek out the teachers immediately upon their return to school to confirm due dates and get required materials. 

Homework times should range from about 15-25 minutes per topic, per night.  If your student is enrolled in an honors level course or a high school level course, they may experience more.  

In order to get credit for whole-year world language, students must maintain a C average for the year.  If they do not, they will have to retake the course (Spanish I, French I, Latin I) next year.  

As the year begins, please keep the following resources in mind:
  • Title Math / Literacy Support - Ms. Golas or Mrs. Ouellette may contact you and your student about the benefits of enrolling in these support classes.  Targeted skills and strategies are focused on, and support is provided for topics being covered in class.  
  • Math Lab - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:15 - 3:30.  Students can attend simply to work on math homework in a supported environment, or go for more targeted help on a unit, lesson, or skill. Students only need to sign up on the after school list. 
  • Writing Lab - Wednesdays, 2:15 - 3:30.  Students can bring a current piece of writing or assignment to get feedback and advice.  Students only need to sign up on the after school list. 
  • Advisory, lunch, intervention lab - Students have been told since the beginning of the year they can always come for extra help or review during these times.  We just ask that they let us know in advance so we know they are coming and that we are available!
  • Check the Purple Team website.   The landing page has a quick weekly update about major events, assignments, tests, or quizzes coming up that week.  The weekly homework pages are accessible by the links on the left-hand side of the page.   https://sites.google.com/a/rhamschools.org/purple-team/
  • Parent Portal - both you and your students can access grades.  We encourage students to be aware of their grades, but not be overly vigilant about checking every hour of every day.  A weekly review usually does the trick! 
    • Also remember when looking at the grades, if a grade looks "clickable" there is likely a comment attached that may provide more information about the grade.  Also check the legend for the symbols that may be attached, indicating a missing, late, or incomplete item. 
    • Don't have access?  Check with Mrs. Beaulieu in Guidance:  gail.beaulieu@rhamschools.org  You child may have an overdue library book, lost textbook, or an unpaid lunch balance that needs attention. 
  • Absences - Absences can be tough to come back from.  Please encourage your child to be proactive upon their return to school and know what is due, what needs to be made up, and when the work is expected.  We are happy to sit with them to come up with a solid "To Do" list with corresponding dates if that helps them to know what they need to remain current. 


Please remind your student to take good care of their Chromebook, assure it is always on a flat surface, and not to leave it behind accidentally in classrooms.  We are seeing an uptick in accidental drops and leave-behinds, and would hate for unintended damage or loss to occur. 

This page will be updated with important information and upcoming events throughout the year.  Please check back often for weekly updates.  

Here are a few expectations that we currently have in place for our Purple Team students:
  • Courteous and respectful behavior around the building. 
  • Purple team students have been asked to be orderly and respectful during lunch to lunch duty monitors and cafeteria workers and to be good role models in the hall and lunchroom. 
  • Students should plan ahead and anticipate their bathroom and locker needs.  We ask students to use the passing time to swing into the bathroom, and to know they do not need to go to their locker after each period to save time and arrive on time.  We are trying to limit passes out from class to help save valuable instructional time for your student and their peers.  
  • Students are expected to complete homework during intervention lab and at home, not during advisory the morning of.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are SSR days.  Students should always be prepared with something to read on these days. 

This page will be updated each week throughout the year with news about what is happening on Purple team and around the school.  Be sure to bookmark this page and check in often.  You can also access our homework sites from the menu on the left side of the page.  

** Remember, if you'd like to schedule a team meeting, please contact Megan Gardiner, our guidance counselor.  She is available at megan.gardiner@rhamschools.org or via 228-9423, ext. 4712 **

RHAM Middle has transitioned to Google education services.  While your student may have accessed their homework webpage from TeacherWeb last year, all teams are now hosted by Google sites.  Please bookmark this page for future reference and encourage you child to do the same if they have any devices that can access the internet.  
Access the RHAM Middle School homepage here: www.rhamschools.org