Contact Time-ART is an excellent program for the young girls to enhance their creativity & motor skills through fun and interesting art & craft activities. CT-ART Art Lessons and programs allow them to explore different type of materials, art & craft techniques and expose to different learning objectives.

Some examples of CT-ART Programs are: 
*Team Project Scrapbooking In Conjunction with NDP using recyclable materials (Introduce recycling in a fun & creative ways as well encouraged teamwork)
*Art Outreach (Theory lesson on famous painting incorporated with artworks)
*Contact Time File (Combine project with CDP for P1 & P2)
(The file will be used to keep/file CT-ART’s artworks & CDP’s worksheets)

As Parent Volunteers with CT-Art, we are privilege to be working side by side with each other and most importantly, with the girls from Primary 1 and Primary 2.

We have the opportunity to assist the girls with dedication, passion, cares, and encouragements. Last but not least, we get a better understanding on part & puzzle of school’s life.


Who's Who at Contact Time - Arts (Supports Arts programme)
HOD: Mdm Choong Pek Lan
Arts - Coordinator: Angela Yap
Arts - Coordinator: Zaiton Sanghar
Arts - C
oordinator: Hurustiani Rusli
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