About Chinese Storytelling Programme
- Insight from a Parent Volunteer
As parent of a new primary school student, I am keen to gain insight to her school. Volunteering is the best way to achieve this goal. This allows me to work with the school, speak to the teachers, get to know them and gain understanding of the vision and culture of the school, just to name a few. 
Growing up in modern and first world Singapore, it’s getting harder to find our kids speaking Chinese to each other. We may find adults speaking Chinese to each other but even their kids speak English among themselves!!! For someone who grew up in a Chinese speaking family and have been Chinese-educated, I cannot deny the fact that I feel sad about this. These are the reasons behind starting a storytelling program.

Program Goal - Setting goal together
I approached our PVG leaders and expressed my interest. It just happened that the school is also thinking about it as well. We borrowed the model from the English storytelling program and learn early on that this cannot be an ad-hoc volunteer program where one can appear one week and absent the next. Our kids are selected based on their language needs. In order for them to open up and communicate in Chinese, consistency and relationship building is paramount. Reading parents are required to build trust with these students and hopefully they will be able to speak and use Chinese.

After 1 month into running the program and ironing out logistical issues, we started sitting down with the Chinese department head and teachers to share our experience and set achievable goals together.

Creating a fun environment

We understand our limitation as we are not training teachers. We do not wish to teach Chinese per se. We want to share our passion for Chinese with the kids in a fun and creative way through storytelling or games.

Our sessions are fun and stress-free. There are no homework, no writing, no pressure to learn. Only fun and loving parent volunteers sharing their love!!!

Success story
We started out with 6 parents in March/April 2008. By May 2010, we have more than 25 volunteers reading on Tuesday (P2) and Friday (P2). About 2-3 students are assigned to each parent and they are expected to stay together throughout the year. 

We have started seeing result as more and more girls are getting comfortable with speaking Chinese to us. We hope to hear them speaking Chinese to each other very soon!!!

Come and join us!
We are looking for parents who can read and write Chinese. They do not need to have TV announcer’s diction but a clear voice will do. Most importantly, we need someone who is passionate about this cause and can commit an hour every week for at least 6-12 months to this program

Who's Who in Chinese Reading Programme
Teacher-In-Charge: Ms Eng Lik Boon
Coordinator: Audrey Chen
Coordinator: Ren Minqin

To find out more about Chinese Reading Programme, please email us enquiry@rgpspvg.org We look forward hearing from you!