As the year comes to a close, please be sure to get a few pictures of your student to Christine Patch so that she can include them in the slideshow which will be shown on the 7th during the Continuation ceremony.  Email the pictures to patchx6@q.com, or if you don't have any digital copies, send them in to school with your child's name on the back of each one, and she will scan them into the show.  Each student should have about 3 pictures - one recent, one from early elementary, and a baby photo (or whatever you've got!).

It's Denver Time
Our 5th grade trip to the Zoo & Museum in Denver is coming up fast, we'll be leaving from school on Thursday, May 3rd in the morning, and we can't wait.  Here again is the list of what to pack - please remember to label EVERYTHING with your name:

-Sack lunches with water bottle.  Please, no drinks besides water on the bus (& no glass)
-Books, games, etc. for quiet activities on the bus (these items remain on the locked bus in the evening)
-Sleeping Bag
-Pillow (put pillow & sleeping bag in a duffle bag, backpack, or a garbage bag with name on the outside)
-Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, etc.)
-[optional] Camera (no flashes allowed in the museum)
-Wear comfortable clothing which you can sleep in (sweats and shorts are suggested depending on the weather) and comfortable shoes (no flip-flops)
-Clipboard/folder, pencil

Do NOT Bring:
-Nonessential items such as flashlights, jewelry, valuables (money is not necessary), etc.
-Cots, inflatable mattresses, etc.
-Games rated 'T' or 'M' or movies rated anything other than 'G'

We're Famous!
Well, not exactly...  but our greenhouse project is featured in the most recent issue of Time for Kids.  They put out a special Earth Day edition, and included a whole article about the partnership between Sopris Elementary and Mountain Valley Developmental Services.  Our students are labelled as 'Kid Heroes for the Planet', and the article does a great job explaining our mission in the greenhouse next door.  Thanks to our fearless leader (and grant-writer) Mark Browning, this has been a fantastic experience for all ages of students here at SES.  Take a look at the article by clicking on this link, and stop by the greenhouse to check out the produce when you have a chance!

Science Fair

4/19:  For those who would like to make a fancy professional graph for their project, try using this website!

3/15:  Science Fair projects are now underway!  Students should be forming their lists of materials, their procedure, and even beginning to test their hypothesis.  There are many great websites that can help with ideas & methods.  Here are a few to check out:

MyOn Reader
Every student has a MyOn Reader account - please visit the site with them to see what it's all about!  MyOn helps with Literacy development in many ways, make sure you check it out.