Welcome to 5th Grade ~ Basalt Middle School

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Welcome 2016 5th Graders

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Welcome to 5th grade! We're very excited to have a new group of students in the 5th grade pod :) 
We are hoping the first 3 days of school are filled with fun and lots of learning!
Your child will hopefully be able to open his/her locker, know each core teacher and where the classroom is, can find both specials classes, knows how the lunch room and recess work, and will have shown you his/her planner. There will be a lot going over the next  three days and we're guessing your child will be ready for a break. Please let us know if your child is experiencing any anxiety or has worries about our school. Those are normal feelings when entering a new building,  new teachers, new schedule and having lockers; but we can work through them, if they are still present.

Please feel free to browse our site. We are trying to get it updated, so please let us know if we missed anything!
Have a great weekend!


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Week of Feb 9th

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Parent/Teacher Conferences - your child should have brought home a conference slip if we'd like to meet with you. If you would like to meet with us, please send an email and or call your child's homeroom teacher. We're holding conferences Tuesday, Feb. 10th 3:15-7:30 and Thursday, Feb 12th 3:15-7:30. We're hoping more parents can attend with the evening hours instead of during the day on Friday.

Public Service Announcements - your child recorded a PSA about fitness and nutrition with KDNK radio, in science class. You should have received a permission slip from your child. Please return the signed permission slip so we can get the PSA's ready to be aired. Once we know the air dates/times, we will let you know. This is such a fun activity! The kids are very excited to hear themselves on the radio. They did an awesome job creating informative announcements to share with our communities.

Friday, February 13th & Monday, February 16th - NO SCHOOL

Math - we are continuing to work with fractions and mixed numbers. We took a mid-module assessment last week focusing on adding/subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. We will continue to build on this and add mixed numbers into the skill. At home you could have your child practice with fractions while cooking, measuring, etc.

Science - we just completed our nutrition/fitness unit and now will be studying body systems (skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous). Each system will be studied through reading articles, creating a model and conducting an experiment. This is a very informative and interactive unit.

Week Jan 20th

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We'll be walking to the public library for an author's talk. It should be an exciting experience!

Week 1-5-15

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End Quarter 2 - Jan 15

Jan 16 - No School - Work Day

Jan 19 - No School - Instructional Development Day

Math - We are starting our fractions unit on Tuesday. Our main focus this week is introduce fractions and work with equivalent fractions ~ both using manipulatives as well as numbers
 for example 1/2 = ?/4 or 3/9 = ?/27

Science - we are starting our Fitness and Nutrition unit. We'll be focusing on healthy eating, as well as how important fitness is each day. Students will be keeping a food diary and fitness log for a week. We'll be doing push-ups, jumping jacks and sit-ups during class to get the idea rolling.

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