Mr. Meltzer's EGS and Biology I Webpage

Contact Information: 
                        email: meltzerc@rfhs301.org (best way to contact)
                         phone: 815 625-3886 ext. 105

Schedule:  1st Hour- Prep period
                    2nd Hour- Prep period
                    3rd Hour-EGS
                    4th Hour-EGS
                    5th Hour-Biology
                    6th Hour-EGS
                    7th Hour-EGS

Lesson Plans:

EGS Lesson Plans for 5/14-5/18
5/14Semester Review and return test
 5/15Semester Review and Let Exemptions know
 5/16Semester Review
 5/17Semester Review
 5/18Semester Review Complete

Biology Lesson Plans for 5/14-5/18
5/14Frog Review and Start Frog Test
5/15Finish Frog Test and Reptiles
5/18Mammals and Review