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These schedules are not exact.  As with any lesson, we sometimes fall behind or get a little a head.  However, these outlines of lessons should be within a few days of their calendar date.  

Class Schedule

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Bio Lesson Plans for 1/8-1/12
1/8Intro to antibiotics and resistant bacteria
1/9Addie Video and Discussion
1/10Re-watch first section of Addie Video and take notes
1/11Create a timeline of the events that happened to Addie
1/12Share timelines, discussed the different types of bacterial infections present

Bio Lesson Plans for 1/15-1/19
1/16Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Notes- PowerPoint
1/17Lab- Causes of bacterial resistance (sticky notes), Notes
1/18Quiz, article 1 Types of Staph, Charts and Graphs
1/19Read article 2- Summarize Types- Beta Lactam, Macrolides, and Quinolones

Bio Lesson Plans for 1/22-1/26
1/22Finished group summary of different types of antibiotics
1/23Notes; Graphic organizer NGSS
1/24SuperBugs article- Review
1/25Intro Qz; Antibiotic Lab (food); Notes; Charting and Graphing Exercise
1/26Antibiotics Effects on Bacteria Chart and Graph

Bio Lesson Plans for 1/29-2/2
1/29Finished and graded Antibiotic Effects Graph
1/30Notes; White blood cells and immunity; Addie./Train accident video
1/31Finish Addie Train Video and Discuss: Summarize
2/1Finish Summary; Start Antibiotic Resistant Test

Bio Lesson Plans for 2/5-2/9
2/5Finished and graded Antibiotic Effects Graph
2/6Notes; White blood cells and immunity; Addie./Train accident video
2/7Finish Addie Train Video and Discuss: Summarize
2/8Food Chain, Webs, and Ecological Pryamids Notes
2/9Pond Ecosystem Group Lab

Bio Lesson Plans for 2/12-2/16
2/13Finish Pond Ecosystem Group Lab
2/14Video; Study Guide 2-2
2/15Food Chain Food Web Test
2/16Food Chain Food Web Test Corrections

Bio Lesson Plans for 2/19-2/23
2/20Water Cycle Notes; Video; Water Planet Assignment
2/21Finish Water Planet Vocab Assignment
2/22Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle Notes; TED talk; Start 2-3 Study Guide
2/23Finish 2-3 Study Guide;

***Science students- Check out Rocket Science on Facebook for science news and updates related to things learned in class.  

Health Lesson Plans for 9/25-9/29
9/25Hygiene- Discussion and Bookwork
9/26Hygiene- work and Quiz
9/27Start Fitness- Notes, Article, Begin Campaign Project
9/28BLIND Retreat
9/29Continue Working on Campaign Project- Fitness

Health Lesson Plans for 10/10-10/13
10/10Graded Test/Intro to Family
10/11Family Life Cycle Notes
10/12Family Life Cycle WS/Project
10/13Family Life Cycle Project

Health Lesson Plans for 10/30-11/3
10/30Finished Emotion Character Project
10/31Emotion-Sec 2 Read/Notes- Workbook Act.
11/1Workbook Act- Key Terms in Sentence
11/2Read Emotions and Behavior/Take Home Test/Video on Behavior
11/3Emotions Vid- Worksheet-classwork

Health Lesson Plans for 11/6-11/10
11/6Peer Pressure Talk/Intro to Mental Health
11/7Managing Frustration reading; Frustration WS; Group Discussion
11/8Stress vs. Stressor; Identify Causes of Stress
11/9Stress PowerPoint- Notes; Worksheet Book Act.
11/10Managing Stress and Anxiety Reading; Stress Collage

Health Lesson Plans for 11/13-11/17
11/13Finish Collage; Video on Social Experiment Conformity + Peer Pressure
11/14Read Peer Pressure; Book ?'s 1-5 and WS
11/15Intro to Eating Disorders
11/16Bulimia Documentary/case study (Amy P) with Discussion
11/17Anorexia Documentary/case study (Amy D)

Health Lesson Plans for 11/20-11/24
11/20Finish Anorexia Doc; Pg 112 reading on Eating Disorders and WS (done in class)
11/21Eating Disorder Project
11/22Thanksgiving Break
11/23Thanksgiving Break
11/24Thanksgiving Break

Health Lesson Plans for 11/27-12/1
11/27Finish Eating Disorder Project
11/28Test Review/Test
11/29Medicine v. Drugs Intro; Read Section; Vocab Assignment
11/30Qz Prescription vs Over the Counter Drugs
12/1Discussion and Activity on Drugs effects on the body

Health Lesson Plans for 12/4-12/8
12/4Ch 9-1 Vocab Qz; Finished 9-2 section and Act 33 worksheet #1-5 on back
12/5Discussed The Effects of Tobacco; Tobacco videos + Vaping
12/6Read 9-2 Tobacco; #1-5 Section Review and 15 T or F ?'s
12/7Began Alcohol Section; Read + Discussion
12/8Alcohol Interventions; Death from withdrawl

Health Lesson Plans for 12/11-12/15
12/11Alcohol WS- reading and discussion; First 3 section review assignment
12/12What's Wrong with Beer?? - Follow up WS; Start Hard Drugs
12/131/2- Day- Hard Drugs, Designer Drugs, Look a like Drugs
12/14Case study- Tressa Intervention (Meth)
12/15What is Drug Abuse Packet- Partners

Health Lesson Plans for 12/18-12/22
12/18Finals Review/Test
12/19Finals Review/Test
12/20Test Day
12/21Test Day
12/22Test Day