What is an RFA?

A Regional Fire Authority (RFA) is a special purpose district created by a vote of the people.


State law provides the framework for cities, towns and fire districts to consider forming an RFA as a way to gain service efficiencies through consolidation while retaining local control. This process has been used to establish RFAs in Kent, South King County, North Snohomish County and Auburn (Valley RFA).


Jurisdictions in south Snohomish County have taken the first step in the process by forming an RFA Planning Committee. Over the next year, this committee will be evaluating information and developing plans for level of service, finance, governance and other issues related to regional delivery of fire and emergency medical service.


If feasible, the committee will draft a work plan for establishing an RFA and a ballot measure will be placed before voters. This process is expected to take about two years.



What is an RFA? Fact Sheet  An introduction to the RFA planning process in south Snohomish County.
RFA Implementation Guide (pdf) Jointly developed by the Washington Fire Chiefs and the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters.
RCW Chapter 52 LInk to the state code authorizing the formation of regional fire protection service authorities whose boundaries are coextensive with two or more adjacent fire protection jurisdictions