The Forcastle Deck & Poop Deck

The Titanic was the last large passenger Ship fitted with a Poop Deck.  A poop is a raised deck at the stern of a vessel. Its original intent was to help guard the rear end of a ship from being swamped by large waves coming from astern.  However, by the time ships reached Titanic’s size, the poop had outlived its usefulness and was discarded as a design feature.

The stern and the end of the Poopdeck

Titanic’s third-class passengers used this space to rest on benches, or to promenade and play deck games.Also located on the poop deck was the aft docking bridge.  This was an elevated platform running the width of the Ship containing a wheel , docking telegraphs, a telephone, and other equipment to assist in the docking of the Ship.

The Forcastle-deck

Titanic's bridge, seen from the Forcastledeck 
The portside of the Poopdeck
The poop deck was located on the stern for use of third class passengers. The stern(docking) bridge was located above this deck. the deck included many benches for passenger use. The term "poop" comes from the latin word puppis meaning the aft most deck of a ship. overhanging the stern was a flagstaff. the forward end of the poop deck was taken up by 2 cargo cranes. The poop deck was 128 feet long, and was the last place were passengers were standing that fateful night.
The starboard-crane & dockingbridge, at the Poopdeck
The dockingbridge
The main Anchor
The third class deck (poopdeck)
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