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Mission, Vision, Value Statements


Mission Statement of the Revere School District

  The mission of Revere School District is to prepare lifelong learners to meet the challenges of our changing global society as responsible citizens in a safe, diverse, and academically challenging environment.

Vision Statement of Revere School District

Students will learn and think critically and creatively, and apply problem-solving strategies in seeking
information through a variety of resources, with an emphasis on reading, communication and
technology skills. Revere will model fairness, honor quality, and expect achievement at each person’s highest level of ability. In partnership with home and community, Revere Schools will empower the next generation to think, question, invent, anticipate, and dream.

Value Statements of Revere School District

 We believe respect for self, family, school personnel, and community are values of the school
and the community, with each individual accountable for their own actions.
 We believe teachers, parents, and the community along with the student share in the
responsibility and support of the student’s education.
 We believe critical thinking and higher order thinking skills, together with effective
communication are imperative for the success of our students.
 We believe the meaningful use of technology must be integrated across the curriculum in order
for our students to learn to compete in a global and diverse society.