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We Are Revere!

Revere School District consists of a K-6 elementary school, Revere Elementary, and a 7-12 secondary school, Revere Jr.-Sr. High. The total district enrollment is approximately 130 students. A private preschool is operated on campus. Revere serves the Ovid and Sedgwick areas. The two communities are 7 miles apart. The district recently received a $14 million BEST grant and has completed construction and renovation to bring our campus into the 21st century beautifully.

Along with the structural and security improvements, our classroom and learning technology is cutting edge with classrooms using the 1:1 education style (one device for every student). Students get the best of both computer worlds with Apple and PC technology. A wide range of devices from Chrome Books to MAC Books and Kindles to iPads are used for hands-on learning.

The district has a 7-12 principal to assist the superintendent as needed. We have 21 certified employees and 13 classified employees on staff.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a number of extracurricular activities including athletics, numerous clubs and organizations, field trips, etc. and we consistently exceed state graduation and attendance rates.

Students can select from a varied and balanced curriculum. Among our many exemplary programs is our agriculture classes and a countywide FFA chapter.
Revere School District
500 Main Street
Ovid CO  80744
Phone: 970-463-5477
Fax: 888-503-2318.