¡Viva España!- ¡Bienvenidos al nuevo año escolar!

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Welcome back! 

Make this the best year ever!

Please remember that.......

Homework is not an option, it is your responsibility!!!

October 11, 2018

4th-grade homework. Please study pronouns, there will be a

 quiz next week.

Complete worksheet with personal pronouns. 

4A due 10/15

4B due 10/18

4C due 10/16

September 17, 2018

4th-grade quiz

4A - 9/24

4B - 9/28

4C - 9/25

Please study the meaning of the follwing words:

silla, libro, mesa, lápiz, tijeras, borrador, 

ventana, cuaderno, papel, puerta, pluma, 

escritorio, reloj, regla, profesor/a, 

mochila, marcador, pizarra, tiza, bandera

September 13, 2018

4th-grade homework

Copy the letter to a friend from workbook page 4.

You may add pictures or stickers. 

Please watch your spelling.

4A - due 9/17

4B - due 9/20

4C - due 9/18

September 10, 2018

4th-grade homework

Complete crossword puzzle worksheet

4A - due 9/13

4B - due 9/14

4C - due 9/13