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Extending Hands Item for March: 

KTAC is currently doing a fundraiser to continue sponsoring a school in Liberia called Mary's Meals. Students are encouraged to bring in money to help us sponsors this school for another year. Students are encouraged to do an extra chore or something to earn the money. 

Don't forget to hand out one kindness coin for the month of March! Families are encouraged to share them on Facebook or Twitter. If you are not comfortable sharing it on social media, I have told the students they are more than welcome to have their parent email me a picture so they can share their story with the class.

As a Catholic scho
ol community, we believe that through modeling kindness, forgiveness, and compassion, we can make a difference in God's world.  We believe all children should feel safe, loved, and inspired throughout their academic and spiritual journey to be passionate learners and live Christ-centered lives.

Important Dates
March 29- Literacy
March 20th-April 6th- No School
April 9th - Return to School

Sight Words learned in our class so far:
am    are    a     have    I        is        little
like    my     the    to    we     me    she        with       see        look        one        two       three        four        they        you            of