Welcome to Pre-K B!

Important Dates in October!

October 31st - Early Childhood Classes and Kindergarten Halloween Parade outside at 10:30 a.m.!

October Food Pantry Donation Item for Pre-K B is Jello(in boxes, not in cups please).

Our Specials Schedule

Monday - Library in the afternoon

Tuesday - Music in the morning 

Wednesday - Spanish in the morning

Thursday - Art in the morning

Friday - Gym in the morning (wear gym uniform)


October Class News    

    During the second half of September we began to get to know each other and started to settle into routines together.  The children now have the opportunity to perform one of nine class jobs each week.  I rotate the jobs weekly so they do go on "vacation" but return to work, and work for over two months before their next vacation.  They really feel excited and proud to work in our classroom!

    We commenced our study of the alphabet the last week of September with the letter A a.  The children will all have at least one turn to bring home the Letter Bucket and show the class up to ten objects that begin with our letter of the week.  We celebrated the fall harvest by tasting a few apple varieties and by following a recipe and cooking warm cinnamon apple slices for an afternoon snack.

    Our letter last week was letter Bb and current letter is F f.  F is for fire safety and farm!  We have begun to read books about farms and farm animals.  The children listened to a flannel board presentation of the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs and practiced sequencing the story to re-tell the tale.  Ask them to tell you the story and see how they do! Oral expression and the ability to re-tell a story are important precursors to becoming fully literate.  Our colors and color words through October are red, blue, brown, orange and black.  

    The Sparta Fire Department will visit our school with their fire engine on October 12th to help the children learn about fire safety!  We will be learning about fire safety and practicing the smoke crawl and stop, drop and roll in our classroom as well.

    The children did wonderful portraits of themselves as a culmination of our unit, "I Am Special".  We explored how we are the same, different and the things we like about ourselves. Our focus in religion has been that God has made us all and loves us all.  Our lessons have focused on how Jesus is our friend, being friends of Jesus and being kind to each other.

    We are focusing on the concepts same/different; more/fewer and counting and comparing in our math activities.

    Our Science Center has held items we use to explore the world with our sense of sight.  The students have been observing fruit seeds with a tripod magnifier and trying to match the seed cards.  They made predictions and did a class experiment with apple slices.  The children discovered that lemon juice keeps the apple flesh white.  We will be exploring our senses of hearing and touch during the rest of October.  

    Art activities have focused on coloring, gluing and easel painting and finger painting.  We have also had opportunities to work with play dough.

    The biggest sensation was caused by opening up a Fruit and Vegetable Market in our Dramatic Play Center. The children in the center take turns shopping, running the cash register, bagging and re-stocking the bins. We are learning how to sort the foods into groups and learning vocabulary for the foods through our play.

    We are excited to visit Tranquillity Farm together and pick pumpkins!  Our next letter of the week will definitely be P p!  Please dress your child in their RBS gym uniform for our trip on October 19th.  We will depart on the buses from the lot next to McKenna Hall by 8:45 a.m. and return by noon.  The children will eat their lunch in the classroom following our return from the farm.

    Details regarding our Halloween Parade and class party will go home soon via backpack.

                                                                                                                Happy Fall!

                                                                                                                Mrs. Saltos & Mrs. Jeannette