• HOMEWORK: Summer 2017!!
Monday-Happy first day off from school!!
Tuesday - Did you sleep late?
Wednesday - Have you been swimming yet?
Thursday -  Did you read a book yet?
Friday - Have a great summer! Don't forget about your summer reading and math!!

Looking for summer fun???????????????????????  

Come to the Rev. Brown Summer Steam Program! This four week program is geared towards students from grades K-5.The program runs from 7:30-12:00, Monday - Thursday. The dates are: Week 1-July10-13, Week 2 - July 17-20, Week 3 - July 24-27, and July 31- Aug. 3. Classes are 44 minutes long,and run on a 5 period rotating schedule. Of course, there will be time for snack. The cost is $220.00 per student per week, but there will be a 10% discount for the Rev. Brown students who bring a non-Rev. Brown student with them! For course selections, additional information, and forms, please see our school website.

 *Third Graders going into fourth:
PLease look on the school website or on any fourth grade teacher's site to see your supply list and reading and math requirements.

Second graders going into third:
Welcome to third grade!

Supply list:


         Your child will need the following supplies for third grade for September. Please make sure that all items are labeled. These are the items that you will need to purchase at your favorite retailer:

    ·      Lunchbox or brown paper bag with child’s name and    


    ·      Schoolbag (without wheels) with name, grade, and Rev. Brown.

    ·      4 plastic folders with pockets:  green for Science, yellow for Spanish, blue for Social Studies and purple for Religion.

    ·      Small zippered pencil case

    ·      4 packages of sharpened pencils

    ·      Crayons (small box)

    ·      Markers

    ·       4 pink erasers

    ·       colored pencils

    ·      2 highlighters

    ·      12 inch ruler with inch and centimeter markings (NOT the flexible rulers)

    ·       small (5x8) art box to hold them

    ·      3 hardbound marble pads for Math

    ·      8 glue sticks 

    ·      Rounded edged safety scissors 

    ·      Small pencil sharpener with receptacle for shavings 

    ·      One 8 1/2 by 10 1/2 white board with an old sock as an eraser (No cleaner)

    ·      3 packages of dry erase markers (black preferred)

    ·      Art Smock (An oversized t shirt is fine)

    ·      2 Red Pens

    ·      2 100 count 3 x 5 index cards

         The following items your child will purchase at school:

    A homework planner, nine primary composition pads, four tear out pads, communicator/homework folder, and a class work folder. These will cost $27.00.  

  • *What We're Doing This Summer: 
Math -Summer IXL
Grammar - Try keeping a journal of what you did this summer. Give you opinion of how the week went.
 CreativeWriting - Write a story about a summer adventure.
Social Studies -  Try reading a Who Was or What Was book this summer.
 Science - Discover the wonder of our world outside as you play.
Reading -  Do your summer reading.
 Spelling:- Look for words in your reading that we studied this year.
Religion: - Remember to go to church on Sundays! It is always fun to visit different churches when you are away to see how we are alike as Catholics, and how we are different.