• HOMEWORK: Week of May 21, 2018
Monday-Tonight we have to study for our math test.  We also have a grammar wb page. The fluency sheet is due on Friday, May 25. 
Tuesday -  Tomorrow is library and band. We have to study for our spelling test.
Wednesday - Tonight we have a math workbook page (book p. 416-417) and we have 15 minutes of IXL grammar section K. Tomorrow is the wax museum. We have to come to school in our gym uniforms. We may wear our regular uniform if it is part of our costume.
Thursday - Tomorrow is our field trip! Please remember to pack lots of water and wear sunscreen. Parent chaperones - you received a letter - please read it before the trip.Don't forget water!!!!!!!!!!! We have a math workbook page (book p. 418-419), and we have a grammar wb page.
Friday - Have a great weekend! Happy Memorial Day!


I would like to express a big thank you to all of the parents for your support in trying to rearrange schedules for our field trip. I'm so sorry to the parents who cannot reschedule. Who would have ever guessed power outages in May? I have never had to cancel a class trip. Your children have been so supportive as well. I hope that you can come to the Wax Museum! Your children have been working very hard and every one of them should be proud of their accomplishments. I wish that you could have been in the classroom on Monday. Two days behind on our final assembly due to the power outages, your children put forth their best effort. I asked a few people to stay through lunch to continue writing. I didn't get one complaint, and they truly  were happy workers. When we assembled boards that afternoon, I was so impressed by the spirit of cooperation. Those who were finished, helped those who were not. They gave suggestions, and the students who were still working listened and took the suggestions. They were so independent and cooperative. I just had to stand back and admire. It really was incredible. 

Please remember to pass out our kindness coin for May!

We collect Campbell's Soup labels and Box Tops for Education. Just send them into class with your child.

If you could send your child in with packs of individual tissues, that would be great. Believe it or not, we spread less germs when we don't use a community tissue box. Thanks!

Uniform requirements:
Girls: Plaid jumper with Peter Pan collar blouse (long or short sleeved, no golf shirt); navy knee socks (cabled or nylon) or opaque tights.  Summer: White golf shirt, Navy skort or shorts,white crew socks or navy knee high socks. The white golf shirt is not to be worn with the jumper.
RBS navy sweater if cold. NO NAIL POLISH!

Boys: Navy Flynn and O'Hara pants, white golf shirt (long or short sleeved), burgundy sweater or vest ( not optional), brown or black belt, dark socks. Summer: White golf shirt, navy shorts or slacks, navy or white crew socks with shorts,
dark socks with slacks.

    *What We're Doing This Week: 

Math -We are in the end of geometry. Look for a test Tuesday. We will then start decimals.
Grammar - We are discussing capital letters. 
 Writing - We will be writing myths.
Social Studies -Mrs. Brady is our teacher.  We will be reading Ferdinand Magellan and working on our wax museum projects.
 Science - Mrs. Linus is our teacher. We are studying force and motion.  Mrs. Dempsey will be our science teacher for this marking period. 
 Reading -  We will read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Remember to read for 20 minutes. every night. Fluency this week is due on Friday. 
 Spelling:- We are spelling words with Latin roots.
Religion: - We are studying the Holy Spirit, chapter 6.