Reverend  George Brown  School

    2016  -  2017

   "Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue." -Plato

Grades 1,2,3,4        Spring Programs               
Grade 4:  "Annie" RBS on May 9th,  7:00 p.m.

Grade: Kindergarten Graduation
              June 15, at 9:00 am.
              McKenna Hall
Grade :  1 and 2 Spring Concert
                May 23rd, at 9:00 am
                McKenna Hall
                Attire: School Uniforms
Grade : 3 and 4   Spring Concert
               May 15th, at 7:00 pm
               McKenna Hall 
               Attire: Dress up clothing, same as Christmas.
String Concert: May 23rd, RBS,
                McKenna Hall, 7:00 p.m.                 

WSUS trip is December 14. Leave School at 7:50 am. Return immediately after singing.
This is only for 4th grade selected students.  


2015-2016 this portion is closed 
Please see new sight for Pope John Middle School.


Assignments   are  subject  to  date  change   if  need  be.

Grade 5- A  unit   Study   on  Who  is Vivaldi?    www.classicsforkid
Sept 8- Write  6  facts  on Antonio  Vivaldi.  Type  and  print. It  will be  collected  in  class
Sept 14- Work   sheet   on Vivaldi. Listening  to the   Four  Seasons.
Sept  21-  Finish    Vivaldi's  Four   Seasons  Booklet. 
Sept  28-  A  look  at  Bach's Flight  for   Freedom. 
Oct 5-      Continue   Bach's   Flight  for Freedom.  
                 Vocab   Due-  pick   6  from  vocab sheet,  define  and  use  in a  sentence.
Oct 13-   Summary  of   Bach  movie  due.
                Summary  Friday October 9, and Monday  October   12

Oct 18  -Round  table   with  Bach,  in class  work.
Oct  30 -Concepts  of  music.  Use  music   Silver  Burdett  Ginn.
Nov  2- Concepts of  music, what  is rhythm?  We  will  work  on  a  work  sheet  in class.
              school   closed   thursday  and  friday.
Nov 9- Sheet  on  developing and  understand  the  beat/ rhythm.
Nov 23-Write  7 bullet facts  on  who  is  Antonin   Dvorak.  Type, print  and   hand  in.
Nov 30- Music  Challenge in class 
Dec 7 - Manuscripting  Skills  in class
Dec 14- Bring   extra  fine  point or  ultra  fine  point  black ink sharpie  to manuscript  with
               in  class.
JAN  11-  Singing  in  class  until  mid-terms  are  over.

Jan -
Jan 11-17 -Midterms this  week and next week.
Jan 24-Who  is  Beethoven? 

Feb1 -  Documentary  on   Beethoven.
Feb 8-  Beethoven  Vocabulary  and  portrait  will  be  collected  if  you  had  class  with  me last  week, that  would  be  the  friday  class.  If  not   we  will  catch  up  
             All  classes  have   received  vocab  and  portrait.   I  will  collect this  assignment from  the  Monday  classes  on  Tuesday Feb 17, because  we  are  off  for  President's  Day.
Feb .  NOTE:  the  vocab  assignment  is  to  define  each  word and  use it  in 
           a  sentence.  
Feb -16  Substitute
Feb 22- Steps  leaps  and  repeats.  I  will  collect  work  sheet  that  were  handout  next week.

March 1-Work   sheet on  steps  leaps  and  repeats
March 7 - Terra  Nova  test
March 14- Listening  in  Class to  Bach, Debussy, Vivaldi.
March 21-Who  is  Claude Debussy-  Type  ten  facts  about  Mr  Debussy. 

April 4- Singing
April 11-  Who  is  John  Williams….Sheet  and  music  in  class.
April 25- Make  a  list  of  all the  percussion  instruments  that  you   can  find.
                 Please  type  answers  and  it  will  be  collected  this  week.
May 2- A  look  at  the  orchestra. Work  sheet  on the  orchestra.  Can you
              put  instruments  in their  proper  family?
May 9 -  Ten  facts:  Who  is  Nikolay  Rimsky-Korsakov.  Must  be  typed.   We  will  listen to   "Scheherazade"   and   make   some  musical  discoveries.
May 16-  Singng   "High  Sea".

The  following  assignments  are  not  activated
May-  Who is  Libby   Larsen?  10  facts typed   and  printed.
May - Singing  and  Sign  Language  with  John  Jacobsen.
May -  Finish  singing and signing the song  "Child  of  the  World."
May -Fill  out  work  sheet  on  Notes  and   Values.  I  will  collect sheets
               on  Tuesday.

Grade 6-A  Unit  Study  on Getting   a   grip  on  Handel.   

Sept 7 -    Work  sheet  on   Handel 
Sept 14  -  Vocab  for  Handel...If  you  did  not   get  the  vocab  sheet  do  not  worry
                   as  the  copy  machine   was  broken  and  is now  repaired.  You  will  get  one
                   next   class.  Thanks  
Sept 21 -   Summary   on  the  movie about  Handel is  due.
Sept 28-   Writing  interview  with   partners.  Must  have  ten  questions.
Oct  5-      Perform  TV  show.  Do  not  forget  costumes and  scripts.

School  closed Friday October  9,  and  Monday  October  12.

Oct 18 - Renaissance  Music  takes   on  the  stage.  What  are  the  facts?
Oct 25- Work  on  Renaissance  Play

Nov 2   Continue  Renaissance  study
Nov 9- Renaissance   plays  will  be  presented  this week and   next  week.  Please  bring  costumes                                                                              props  needed  for  your  project.  Due  to  school  closing  dates,    presentation  of  plays
will be  different.   If  you   are   ready to  perform  you  may,  if  not  you  may   go  next  week.

Dec 14  Manuscripting  in   class.....
Dec  -  Singing   Carols, from  class  book  Silver   Burdett  Ginn.
Dec -  Who  is   Gian  Carlo Menotti,  type  10 facts  as  we  will  listen to  his Christmas operetta
            about  the  three  wisemen "Amahl  and  the  Night  Visitors".

Jan 11- Type  10   Facts  on   Mozart.  We   will  listen  to   selections  of  "The  Magic  Flute."
                We  will   also  review  our   singing  selection.

Jan  -Midterms this  week.
Jan - View  opening scene of  Mozart's  Opera  The Magic   Flute. 

Feb -  Story   search  on   Characters  of  the  Magic Flute.  Monday  classes  have  not  done  this.
Feb  - Word   Game   based  on   collected  information  on  Magic  Flute.  If  I  did  not  see  you
             last  week  we  will   catch  up   when  we  can. Monday  classes  have  not  done  this yet.
Feb-22 Mozart  Book 
Feb 29-Mozart  Book 
March 7-Please  put  all  homework  or  late  work  in  the  box on  the  piano.
                Terra  Nova  testing   this  week.
March 14   -Writing  of  Revolutionary   song.   Directions  will be  given  in class.
March 14-21  -Revolutionary   song  will  be  presented  in  class. 

April 4- Dancing  the   Waltz.
April 4- Ten   facts  on Johann  Strauss,  typed and   handed  in. If  you  have  not  done
               this assignment please  hand  in  in  on  Monday  April  11.
April 11- Begin Documentary  on   Strauss.
April 18  Vocab  for  Johann  Strauss  Jr.   Pick  6 define and  use  in a  sentence.  Must  be  typed.           

VOCAB  SELECTION: for  Strauss.
Prominent, waltz, philharmonic, ballet, operettas,  quadrillas, mazurka, pneumonia, luminaries.

April 25- Work sheet in class…..Matching  Wits  and  Essay  Questions  on  Strauss.

May 9 - Listen  to  Bob  Dylan's  "Blowin'  in  the   Wind"  and   Pete  Seeger
            "Turn Turn   Turn" in  class…….Write   me  two   brief  paragraphs  about      
              each  selection .
May 16-Singing  " High   Sea"……..

Grade 7-  A  unit   study  on   Native   American   Music.
                 Drums  of  Thunder/Aztec  Dance  San  Francisco  II

Sept  1- Classes  will  take  notes  on Native  American  History.
Sept  8- Native  American  Music   History continued.
Sept 14- What  do  you  know?
Sept  21- More  about   our  Natives  and   a film.
Sept 28-  Native  American  Dancing.   Ladies   bring  a   shawl  to   wear  for  dancing.
October 6-  Native   American  Instrument  due.  This  is  a  double   grade.
                     Rubric  for   instrument:  Must  be  authentic  to  nature,  Must  have  natural
                     colors,  Must  have  Native  signs  and symbols,  Must  have   feathers, beads or  other
                     decorations. Please  use  things  that  represent  nature.  An  oatmeal  box  covered
                     in  construction  paper  is  NOT  acceptable.......Think  Native  American  and  what
                     they  would   have   access  to  and  would  have  used.  Go  back to what  I  showed
                     you   in class and  how  those  instruments  looked.......Have  Fun.

School  closed Friday  October  9,  and Monday  October  12.

October 14 - Unit   Study   on  A  Look  at  Musical  Theater.   The  History.
October 20 -  Intro  to   "West  Side  Story"
October  27- Who  is  Leonard  Bernstein  sheet. Due   next  week.  Go  to   Leonard
                        Bernstein.bio.  Listen  to the  Overture  and  watch opening  dance  sequence.
Nov 2 -  Bernstein  Study  sheet  due  this   week 
Nov 16- Who  is   Natalie  Wood  and  Richard Beymer,  the  leads  in  West   Side Story?                          
               Write  a  paragraph   about  each  of  these  actors......How   many  academy awards
               did   West Side  Story   receive?  
Nov 30-  Westside  Story   Project  Due.  This  will  be  a  double  grade.  
Dec 14-   Manuscripting in  class

Jan 11-2016 DRAMA  CLASS  101

Sketch  of   animal  that  you  will  be  demonstrating.

Feb 22-   Commercials  will  be  done  this  week.  

March 2- Jungle  Book  Dialogue  and  makeup  for  late  Commercial  Projects.
March 16-Improv Continued.
March 23-The  actress  and  On  the  Mountain  Top Dialogue  cold  readings.

April 4-   Second  part  of  dialogue
April 11-  Complete  performance of  dialogue  by  students.
                 Rubric:  Must  be  for  memory, have  stage  directions, costumes- not  just  props.
                 Have  fun  and   find  your  character.

April 18-Finish  the  above  presentation.
April  25- Stage  Makeup…….Application  and  use.
May 9-  In  class  application  of  old  age  makeup.
May 23-Uta  Hagen  Acting  class  part  1  summary…….

2015 homework.
Jan       Who  are  the   Beatles  and  how  did  they  influence  music  and  its  history?
              We   will   view  the   first  appearance of  the  Beatles  in  the  US  and  go  
              over  a  work   sheet  in  class.   
Jan  Review  history  of  the  Beatles  from  last  weeks  work  sheet done  in class.
Jan   Midterms this  week.
Jan  Start  Title  Page   of  Educational Brochure  for   Tuesday  classes.
              Monday  classes will  be getting instructions  on   assignment for Brochure.
              RUBRIC   WILL  BE  HANDED   OUT  IN  SCHOOL.
Feb Bring   all  your  information  to  begin  work  on  Educational  Brochure.
             Refer  to the Rubric  that will  be handed out   in school for  instructions  and   sizing.  

March  Writing  of   Civil  War  Song.   Directions  and work  will  be  done  in class  this week.
March -  Civil   War  songs  will  be  presented  in class.


April    facts  on  Johann  Strauss jr.  and  select  6  vocab  words   from                         handout  sheet. 
                 Define  each   word   and   use  it  in  a  sentence.  Work  must  be  typed.

April  Strauss  this  week.
May  Listening  to   Gustav  Holst "The  Planets".
May -Ten  Facts  on  Gustav  Holst.  Must  be  typed  and  Printed.



Music   by  the  Beatles

 Link:  Hey Jude
              Back In The USSR
              Penny Lane
              Strawberry Fields