Upcoming Tests: 
  • Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday. Students will be tested on the words from The Hundred Dresses
  • Math Test: Thursday (on addition)
  • Reading Test: The Hundred Dresses comprehension test on Thursday
  • Science Test: Friday (the second half of weather information). A study guide will be available soon.
There will be a Social Studies test on the second half of the Gold Rush book on Tuesday, October 24th. A study guide will be available soon.

FYI: The Scholastic Book Fair is coming up the week of October 16th! We will be visiting twice that week: once to buy and once to purchase!

Welcome to 3rd Grade (3B) 

with Mrs. Linus!


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Upcoming Lessons


Reading:  The Hundred Dresses

Spelling: Long E words (EI pattern)

Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns

Writing: Personal Narratives

Mathematics: Addition with Regrouping/Subtraction with borrowing

Science:  Weather

Social Studies: The Gold Rush

Religion:Chapter 3/The Rosary


Specials Schedule

Monday: Keyboarding, 1/2 gym, and art

Tuesday:  Music

Wednesday:  Spanish

Thursday:  Library and Spanish

Friday:  Full gym

Students should come to school wearing their gym uniforms on Monday and Friday. We will have a half period (20 minutes) of gym on Monday, and a full period of gym (40 minutes) on Friday.