Monday: Gym/Makerspace and Art
TuesdaySpanish & Keyboarding
Wednesday: Gym & Music
Thursday: Library
Friday: Spanish

*Students must wear their gym uniform on Mondays and Wednesdays. Every other Monday Mr. Wagner will rotate between bringing the class to the gym and to the makerspace to work on STEM activities. Even on makerspace weeks, students should be in gym uniform.


Reading: Gertrude Ederle

Writing: note-taking from the Wax Museum

Grammar: Irregular verbs

Mathematics: Fractions

Science: Organisms and their Environments (adaptations and mimicry)

Social Studies: (with Mrs. Brady): maps and globe skills (continents, oceans, etc.) (Test on Thursday, March 21st) then learning about Ferdinand Magellan .

Religion: chapter 12--the sacraments of healing (Test on Tuesday, March 26th.