Physical Education Assignments & Updates

September 22, 2017:  Pictures taken in Gym, no need to wear gym clothes to school but please bring sneakers if you want to participate in games. Safety drills will be practiced during Gym time.

September 25, 2017:  Please note that 4th grade students will be tested on baseline push-ups. It does not matter whether a student can do 2 or 20 push-ups; as long as an effort it given.  I will record the total so students can see at the end of the school year (when we do it again) how many more push-ups they can achieve!  *Please see the example of what healthy 4th graders can achieve attached below. *This activity is for fun and will not be tested, nor will any students' totals count against them in my grade book. Thank you and always give it your all! :)  

October 14: Please bring sneakers if dressed up for presentations. 

November 3: During Mass days, a friendly reminder to bring in sneakers to participate in football and soccer.

December 15: Extra Credit points for any students who show up to the "Christmas Spectacular in Hopatcong". Admission is free and everyone leaves with a gift and a better understanding of how Santa Clause came into being part of Christmas.

January 23: Please submit any Box Tops and food donations by the end of the month for Mary's Meals.

February 5: Parents, please send in completed reenrollment forms ASAP.  Student enrollment is vital for us to budget for materials and improvements, as well as keeping our faculty together and able to provide the best education possible for our students.

February 25: RBS and the American Heart Association will pair up to once again hold our annual "Jump Rope 4 Heart" fundraiser to help those with heart conditions and to help raise awareness for heart disease and heart-related ailments. Our school-wide goal is to reach $3,000 and with this money we can make a world of difference!!! Our school will also receive a $500+ check for reaching our goal that will be allotted for new gym equipment! Also, each child will receive prizes for each benchmark donation received during our fundraiser. With your help, we can complete our mission and help the world fight the battle against Heart Disease.  *For more details, please see the "Jump Rope 4 Heart" envelope that went home or see the attachment posted to this website. Thank you for your participation in this great cause! :)  

-You can participate and help donate at
March 6th:  *All "Jump Rope for Heart" Envelopes will collected this Friday, March 16th. Thank you again for your help! :)
Total Amount Raised: $6,118.00!                                             Individual Highest Amount Raised: Louis Masone -$480.00!
Excellent job everyone, we raised a lot of money for a really wonderful cause!     Thank you again!!! 

April 27:  Staff vs. Students in the very first annual RB March Madness Basketball Championship Game! Please bring in $1 to donate for "Mary's Meals" and vote who you want to win; Staff or Students!

Update: We raised over $120 for Mary's Meals, Thank you!!!!!! :)

May 31st:  "RB Field Day" is Rapidly approaching! Make sure to bring water, sunblock and sunglasses and/or hat.  Each grade will be wearing a different color, homeroom teachers will be announcing team colors on Friday, May 18th. -Any questions, please see Mr. Wagner.

June 15th:  SUMMER STEAM is almost here!  Spots are limited and are closing quickly, so register ASAP!!! Remember: It is "Open Enrollment" so anyone from any nearby school can register and attend. -So if you have any friends or family in different school districts, they can join you for another Summer of FUN at Reverend Brown Summer STEAM! 

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March 5: Our first ever "March Madness" basketball tournament will be held beginning Monday, March 5th and go all the way to Friday, March 30th. Lace-up and be ready to go!!!
Michael Wagner,
Sep 25, 2017, 7:02 AM