Reverend Brown Art: PreK-4

Teacher:          Christopher Robinson        

Email.   christopherrobinson@revbrownschool.org                           Phone# 973-729-9174


Course Description

Studio Techniques taught at every grade level include Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Collage. Your child will learn to manipulate a variety of media with increasing sophistication as his/her fine motor skills develop throughout the year.

Students incorporate and express their ideas in Art using a basic “language” known as the Art Elements. These Elements include: Space, Shape, Texture, Line, Form, Value, and Color.

Course Goals

The student will:

1.     Discover ideas for Art in personal experiences

2.     Transform ideas to create Art

3.     Work with media to produce Art

4.     Perceive and describe works of Art, including those from other cultures and historical periods

5.     Interpret works of Art

6.     Judge and evaluate works of Art



Children in K-1 receive a grade twice a year. Children in grades 2-4 receive an Art grade each semester.

Grades reflect the quality of your child’s technique and performance in class. Students are graded on their ability to master age-appropriate instructional goals, rather than their innate talent. These goals are reinforced and practiced with successive projects so that your child’s unique creative strengths are developed in a variety of media as he/ she matures throughout the year. Projects of each student’s collected work are sent home throughout the school year.