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Games 2

The perfect family board game is one that can be played each time with fewer pieces. ~Robert Brault  

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Vintage Encore Parker Brothers Game 1989
Vintage Ideal Dukes of Hazard Game 1981
Vintage 1977 Tom and Jerry Game, Milton Bradley
Vintage Schaper Huff and Puff Game 1968
Vintage Milton Bradley Manhunt Game 1972
Encore Board Game, complete, bright colors, directions
Circa:  1989
MFG: Parker Brothers
Excellent Condition: like new
Price: $25.00

Dukes of Hazzard Board Game, bright colors, directions
Circa:  1981
MFG: Ideal Toy Co
Condition: missing 2 road blocks,
box has tape, tears, wear
Price: $11.00 
Tom and Jerry Game, complete, bright colors. directions
Circa:  1977
MFG: Milton Bradley
Excellent Condition: box has slight edge wear, 1 side tear
Price: $18.00
Huff and Puff Game, complete, bright colors, directions, spinner
Circa:  1968
MFG: Schaper
Condition: crack in tree trunk,
otherwise like new
Price: $12.00
Manhunt Board Game, bright colors
Circa: 1972
MFG: Milton Bradley
Condition: like new but missing computer, slight edge wear
Price: $12.00
Vintage 3M Mr President Bookshelf Game
Vintage Pressman Backgammon Game with case
Vintage Milton Bradley Connect Four Travel Game
Vintage Milton Bradley Othello Travel Game
Vintage Milton Bradley Hi-Q Travel Game 1986
Mr President Bookshelf Game, 2
new, never played, blue cards uncut, cards are still in plastic wrap
Circa:  1971
Excellent Condition 
Price: $35.00
Backgammon Game, plastic
case, bright colors, dice
Circa:  ?????
MFG: Pressman
Excellent Condition: maybe missing marker 
Price: $8.00

Connect Four Travel Game,
complete, bright colors, closes into its own container, directions
Circa: 1986 
MFG: Milton Bradley
Excellent Condition 
Price: $10.00 

Othello Travel Game, closes into its own container, complete, bright colors, directions
Circa: 1986  
MFG: Milton Bradley
Excellent Condition 
Price: $10.00

Hi-Q Travel Game,  closes into its own container, complete, bright colors, directions
Circa:  1986 
MFG: Milton Bradley
Excellent Condition 
Price: $10.00 

Vintage Parker Brothers Flinch Card Game 1963
Vintage Pressman Rummikub Game 1980
Teacher Made Educational Antonym Matching Game
Teacher Made Educational Antonym, Synonym Matching Game
Teacher Made Educational Synonym Matching Game
Flinch Card Game, complete, bright colors, directions
Circa: 1963 
MFG: Parker Brothers
Excellent Condition 
Price: $10.00 
Rummikub Game, directions
complete, bright colors, tile stands
Circa:  1980
MFG: Pressman
Excellent Condition 
Price: $20.00 
Antonym Matching Game, 24 cards, answer key, bright colors
MFG: teacher made
Excellent Condition 
Price: $5.00 

Synonym, Antonym, Homophone Matching Game, 24 cards, answer key,bright color
MFG: teacher made
Excellent Condition 
Price: $5.00
Synonym Matching Game, 36 cards, answer key,bright colors
MFG: teacher made
Excellent Condition 
Price: $5.00 

Teacher Made Educational Compound and Pairs Puzzle Game
Teacher Made Educational Math and Reading Games
Teacher Made Educational Visual Aids Game
Vintage 3M Paper Games
The Disney Edition Monopoly Game, 2001
Compound Word Banana Puzzle Game, 42 pieces, Pear Pairs Puzzles, 44 pieces
MFG: teacher made
Excellent Condition 
Price: $ 6.00

Educational Learning Addition Game, 1-9, Greater and Less Than, Reading, base words,
bright colors, 15 pieces 
MFG: teacher made
Excellent Condition 
Price: $6.00

Visual Aids Games, help to generate words that contain the sound displayed, bright colors,
17 pieces
MFG: teacher made
Excellent Condition 
Price: $5.00

3M Paper Games for travel & leisure, 6 packages,
most have 50 sheets per pad
Size: 5 1/2" X 8 1/2"
Circa: 1974 
Excellent Condition: only a few sheets missing 

Disney Monopoly, 8 movers,
with all cards, castles, cottages, money and trays; directions, complete, bright colors, like new
Circa:  2001
MFG: Parker Brothers
Excellent Condition: 2 movers are broken but could be glued
Price: $30.00
Vintage Wood Block Color Cubes Design Game with patterns
Vintage Pattern Cards for Colored Beads
Vintage Design Discoveries, 1986 Discovery Toys
Vintage Preschool Brain Quest Cards
Quelf Board Game
Wood Block Color Cubes Design, set of 16 cubes with design patterns
Circa: 1950's
MFG: The Embossing Co
Condition:  scuff marks, paint loss
Price:  $10.00

Pattern Cards for Colored Beads
direction booklet, 70 pattern cards
in sequence of increasing complexity
Circa: 1980
MFG: Teaching Resources Corp
Excellent Condition: like new 
Price: $10.00

Design Discoveries, 13 learning cards, 36 designs, 33 wooden pieces, and directions, complete
Circa: 1986
MFG: Discovery Toys
Excellent Condition 
Price: $25.00

Brain Quest, preschool, 300 questions and answers in math, science, language, social studies
Circa: 1994
MFG: Workman Publishing
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00 

Quelf Board Game, complete, directions, like new
Circa:  2014
MFG: Spin Master
Condition: tear on corner of box  
Price: $10.00 

Vintage Guess Who Game, Milton Bradley, 1987
Vintage Place and Trace, 1984 Discovery Toys
Vintage Mr. Super Mind, Leisure Learning
Vintage Sewing Cards, Buttons and Posy Play, 1969, Saalfield
Vintage Seek and Peek Game, Western Publishing
Guess Who?  
The mystery face game, complete, cards, flip boards, yellow pegs 
Circa:  1987
MFG:  Milton Bradley
Condition:  box has tape, stains
Price: $15.00

Place and Trace,
animals, dinosaurs, transportation, heavy plastic, easy to hold 
MFG:  Discovery Toys
Condition: 3 trays are in excellent condition, box has wear
Price:  $12.00

Mr Super Mind,
30 design pattern cards increasing difficulty, 29 wood tiles, educational
Circa:  1977
MFG:  Leisure Learning
Condition: tiles and patterns are excellent, box has wear
Price: $15.00

Sewing Cards: Buttons and Posy Play,
lacing yarn, cardboard cards, bright colors 
Circa:  1969
MFG:  Saalfield Publishing and Western Publishing
Condition:  Buttons; complete,
Posy Play; missing 6 cards
Price: $10.00 
Seek & Peek Game, Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails,
complete, directions 
MFG: Western Publishing
Condition:  wear on box, wear on stands, board like new
Price:  $20.00