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Reuzeit Emporium has one of a kind educational games to help your child learn prefixes, suffixes, letter combination sounds, and math facts. Children learn a myriad of skills by playing board games with their families and friends. So disconnect the video games, uninstall the game software and turn off the laptop. You want your child to have fun but learn at the same time, at a fraction of the cost?  Play a board game, experts say....... an educational board game is even better.
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Educational Learning Prefixes and Suffixes Games
Educational Learning Assorted Math Games
Educational Games Educational Games Educational Games
Educational Games (3) Prefixes & Suffixes,
back side has directions, laminated 
*Patchwork Quilt:
prefixes & suffixes
*The Mean Machine & *Base Hit: prefixes, suffixes & variant words
Directions on the back,markers & spinners not included
Price: $6.00

Educational Assorted Math Games (6)
laminateda fun way to learn and memorize basic subtraction and addition facts
*Units of Time, seconds, etc
*Addition Race Game Board (2)
*Subtraction Game Boards (2)
*Pit Stop,
addition subtraction game of concepts and basic facts
Price: $12.00

Educational Games (2) final Y words, variant forms & final e, variant forms, directions on back,
*Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, final y
*Coal Mine, final e 
Directions on the back, markers & spinner not included
Price: $6.00

Educational Games (3) directions on back, laminated
*Junk Shop: root words + prefixes
*Skyline: Suffixes
*Watermelon: prefixes
Directions on the back, markers & spinner not included
Price: $6.00

Educational Games (3) teacher
made, laminated, play a game and learn often confusing sounds and words at the same time
*Cupcakes Tic-Tac-Toe: high
frequency words
*House Windows Tic-Tac-Toe: er, or ar ur, ir, R controlled words
*Gears Tic-Tac-Toe: oi, oy, au, aw, ought, al
Directions on the back, markers & spinner not included
Price: $6.00
Educational Learning Blending Sounds Games
Educational Learning Beginning Letter Sounds
Educational Games
Educational Games
Educational Addition Learning Games
Educational Blending Sounds Games (6) plus word mitts (4)
*Donkey Derby:
Blend sounds; sk, sn, cr, cl
*Space Race: Blend sounds; sw,sl, st, sk
*Motorcross: Blend sounds; bl, br, pl, pr*Zoom around the Zoo: Blend
sounds; br, bl, tr, dr
*Speed Cycles: Blend sounds; gr, gl, fr, fl
Directions on the back, cards included, markers & spinner not included
Price: $10.00
Educational Beginning Letter Sounds Games (6) choose a
letter from the pile and match it to the correct picture.  Letter are
included in an envelope on the back of each game.  Great for remedial work or home schooling.
This is a fun way to learn the letter sounds when learning to read.
Price:  $12.00

Educational Games (2) laminated, learn the 2 different sounds that oo and ow make while playing a race to the top game. Just roll the dice and move that many spaces but you must be able to say each word out loud.
*Racing Game: oo as in broom, oo as in book words
*Racing Game: ow as in cow, ow as in crow
Directions on the back, cards included, markers & spinner not included
Price: $4.00

Educational Game, teacher made. cover each car with a cut out car, roll the die and remove
as many cars as words that you can say.
*Used Car Lot:oi & oy, ou & ow,
oo, ew, aw, 
Directions on the back, cards included, markers & spinner not included
Price: $3.00

Educational Addition Math Games, (5)
Big Shot, sums 1-6
The Champ, sums 7-10
Homerun, sums 8 to 11
Golf Pro, sums of 11, 12, 13
Soccer, sums of 14 to 18
Directions on the back, cards included, markers & spinner not included
Price: $10.00

Educational Subtraction Math Games
Educational Learning Multiplication Games
Vintage 1992 Donkey Kong Game Watch, Nintendo
Vintage Kooky Carnival Game, 1969
Vintage Cribbage Board, wood, travel size
Educational Subtraction Math Games (5)
Day at the Races
, 12's, 13's
Your Serve, 11's, 12's
Ski Racer, 9's, 10's
Shoot the Tube, 6's, 7's, 8's
Sidewalk Surfer, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's
Directions on the back, cards included, markers & spinner not included
Price: $10.00
Educational Multiplication Math Game (5)

The Spider's Web, 8's, 9's
Kong, 7's
Mummy's Treasure, 6's, 7's
Blackout, 4's, 5's, 6's
Dracula, 1's, 2's, 3's
Directions on the back, cards included, markers & spinner not included
Price: $10.00
Donkey Kong Game Watch, new batteries included
Circa: 1982
MFG: Nintendo
Condition: missing stickers on the inside, excellent screen & play
Price:  $25.00

Carnival Game,
like new
Circa: 1969
MFG: Milton Bradley 
Excellent Condition: colors bright, cardboard sturdy, only 1 piece missing the frying pan 
Price: $25.00

Travel Cribbage Board, wood, folds in half, metal slot for pieces
Size: 7 1/4" long X 2" wide
MFG: unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

Vintage Funny Bones Card Game
Vintage Monad Card Game
Vintage Oh My Board Game
Vintage Raggedy Ann Board Game
Vintage Unopened Disneyland Souvenir Cards from the Magic Kingdom
Funny Bones Card Game,
23 cards, complete
Circa: 1963
MFG: Parker Brothers
Excellent Condition: like new
Price:  $12.00

Monad Card Game,
Circa: 1969
MFG: 3M 
Excellent Condition, like new


Oh My Board Game,
marbles, spinner, directions
Circa:  1967
MFG:  Whitman
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

Raggedy Ann Board Game, 
spinner, directions, 31 cards
MFG:  Milton Bradley
Good Condition:  box has tape and tears, bright colors
Price:  $18.00
Disneyland Souvenir Playing Cards, 
bright colors, new unopened cards, Magic Kingdom
Circa: 1955-1960's
MFG: Whitman Publishing?
Excellent Condition
Vintage Flintstones Messed Up Vacation
Vintage Drive Ya Nuts Travel Game
Vintage 1975 The Magnificent Race Game, Parker Brothers
Vintage Cherry Pie Game 1966
Vintage Universe Board Game
Flintstones Messed Up Vacation, cards
,spinner, directions, playing pieces
Circa:  1967
MFG:  Milton Bradley
Condition: box cover: torn, tape, writing on box
Price: $10.00
Drive Ya Nuts Travel Game, 
Circa:  1967
MFG:  Milton Bradley
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

The Magnificent Race,
  directions, like new
Circa:  1975
MFG:  Parker Brothers
Condition: box has slight wear,
1 orange marble missing
Price:  $25.00

Cherry Pie Game,
Circa:  1966
MFG: Transogram Games
Condition: box has wear, tears, tape
Price: $10.00

, 4 sets pentomino pieces, directions,complete
Circa:  1968
MFG: Parker Brothers
Excellent Condition: like new, game of the future, 2001 A Space Odyssey
Price: $50.00
Vintage Three Little Kittens Game Board
Vintage Pressman Chinese Checkers Game
Vintage Othello Board Game
Vintage 1974 The Inventors Game, Parker Brothers
Vintage Formula 1 Board Games 1964
Three Little Kittens Game Board
and spinner, no other pieces
Circa:  1978
MFG:  ??????
Excellent Condition

Chinese Checkers,
metal, complete set of marbles
Circa:  1950's
MFG:  Pressman Toy Corp
Excellent Condition: small dent
Price: $30.00

gameboard, 64 discs, directions, complete, like new
Circa:  1986
MFG:  Milton Bradley Co
Condition: box wear
Price: $10.00

The Inventors,
complete, directions, bright colors
Circa:  1974
MFG:  Parker Brothers
Excellent Condition: box has slight wear and tear on 1 corner,
Pam and Steve on front of box
Price: $12.00
Formula 1,
racing game, complete, 6 metal cars 
Circa: 1964
MFG:  Parker Brothers
Excellent Condition: inside like new,slight wear on box, red ink
Price: $40.00

Vintage Acquire 3M Bookshelf Game 1962
Vintage Challenge Bridge 3M Bookshelf Game 1972
Vintage The Great Escape Board Game 1967
Vintage Disney Trivia Game
Vintage New Upwords Scrabble Game, 1988
Acquire Bookshelf Board Game,
complete, bright colors
MFG: 3M, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company 
Excellent Condition: like new
inside, box has wear on corners on the outside
Price:  $25.00
Challenge Bridge Bookshelf Board Game
, complete
Circa: 1972
MFG:  3M, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
Excellent Condition: like new
inside, outside corner wear
Price:  $12.00                              
The Great Escape,
complete, bright colors
Circa: 1967
MFG: Ideal Toy Corp
Condition: box has tape, wear, tears, spots
Price: $20.00

Disney Trivia 2, The Sequel Game,
Circa:  2000
MFG:  Mattel
Excellent Condition: like new
Price: $15.00

Upwords Board Game, new
complete, bright colors, 3-dimensional word game from the makers of scrabble
Circa:  2002
MFG:  Parker Brothers/Hasbro
Excellent Condition: NEW, box has never been opened
Price: $35.00