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An Album of Niagara Falls, a Treasury of Meriden Silverplate, a collection of Currier Ives prints, Auction Catalogs, Navy ship pictures, Pictures of World War I or a  Minnesota Prison Handbook, Reuzeit Emporium carries a wide variety of reference books. A reference book is an item you use to learn or support information.  There are many different types of publications that can be used as references including encyclopedias, biographies and books on specific areas of interest. You can find books on rare & ancient coins, United States coins, World War I pictures, Niagara Falls pictures, antique silver, cut glass, store catalogs and more.

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Vintage Sear, Roebuck 1902 Catalogue
Antique Book, Album of Niagara Falls, 1892
Antique Book, Album of Niagara Falls, 1892
Vintage Book,The Meriden Britannia Silverplate Treasury, The Complete Catalog of 1886-1887
Antique Catalog, The Meriden Britannia Silverplate Treasury 1886 Catalog
Sear, Roebuck 1902 Catalogue, Reproduction,  Bounty Books; New York
Published: 1969
Excellent Condition: like new
Price: $10.00

Album of Niagara Falls

Copyright: 1892
Chisholm Bros, Portland, Maine,Sole Agents for Charles Frey
Good Condition:  loose pages, separated from binding
Price: $20.00
14 pages of pictures
16 pages of narrative, "Niagara..
The Grand Cataract, is without doubt the greatest natural phenomena of America"
"The Meriden Britannia 
SilverplateTreasury"  The 
complete Catalog of 1886 -1887

Copyright: 1982
Publisher: Dover
Excellent Condition:
Price:  $50.00

"The Meriden Britannia 
SilverplateTreasury"  The 
Complete Catalog of 1886 -7

Vintage Book, 1952 Currier and Ives America
Vintage Book, 1961 Life Pictorial Atlas of the World
Vintage Book, 1957 Worlds Greatest Religions
Vintage Book, 1895 Reproduction Empire Cut glass Co Catalog
Vintage Book, Glass Catalogue Reprint, 1900-1930, A Golden Heritage Booklet
"Currier & Ives America"
Edited by Colin Simkin
Panorama of Mid-Nineteenth Century Scene: 80 Prints in 
Copyright: 1952
Excellent Condition: 
Price: $15.00

"Life Pictorial Atlas of the World"
Copyright:  1961
Excellent Condition 
Price: $20.00

"Worlds Greatest Religions"
Copyright:  1957
Time Incorporated
With original box
Excellent Condition: 
Price: $20.00

"Empire Cut Glass Co. Catalog"
cut glass 1895-
Copyright: 1980 Reproduced by:
American Cut Glass Association
Excellent Condition: 
Price: $20.00

Glass Catalogue Reprint, 1900-1930 "A Golden Heritage Booklet"
Colton, Calif. : Lamp Post Antiques, not dated: between 1950-1970: one at Corning Glass Museum Research Library
Good Condition: some writing on back cover, yellowing on front


Vintage Reprint 1896 Marshall Fields, Company Illustrated Catalogue of Jewelry and European Fashion Vintage Book, For My Teacher Vintage Catalog Selections from the Readers Digest Art Collection, 1985 Vintage Catalog Selections from the Readers Digest Art Collection, 1985 Vintage The Old House Journal Catalog
"1896 Marshall Fields & Company Illustrated Catalogue of Jewelry & European Fashions"
Copyright: 1970 reprint
Fair Condition: spotting and water damage, great pictures
Price: $10:00

Gift Item:  "For My Teacher" Book of Short  sayings..example: To teach is to touch lives forever.
Height: 4 inches x 3 inches
Copyright: 1994, Peter Pauper Press
New Condition: dust jacket excellent
Price: $5.00
Catalog Selections from the Readers Digest Art Collection

Copyright: 1985
Publisher: Reader's Digest Ass.
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00

Catalog Selections from the Readers Digest Art Collection,
inside example
The Old-House Journal Catalog, A Buyers' Guide
Copyright:: 1981
Published: The Old Home Journal Corp
Excellent Condition
Price: $5.00

Vintage Auction Catalog: The Garret Collection Sales, March 26-27 1980
Vintage Auction Catalog: The Garret Collection Sales, Oct 1-2 1980
Vintage Auction Catalog: Dr Richard Ariango & University of Rochester, June 9-11 1980 Antique Book: U.S. Official Pictures of the World War, 1920
Auction Catalog: The Del Mar Collection; Aug 8, 1980
Publisher: Bowers & Ruddy Galleries: Rare Coins
Condition: Excellent
Price: $6.00

Auction Catalog: The Garret Collection Sales; Mar 26-27, 1980; Sale 2
Publisher: Bowers & Ruddy Galleries: For Johns Hopkins
Condition: Excellent
Price: $10.00
Auction Catalog: The Garret Collection Sales;
Oct 1-2, 1980; with price guide
Publisher: Bowers & Ruddy Galleries: For Johns Hopkins
Condition: Excellent
Price: $10.00
Auction Catalogs (3): Dr Richard Ariagno & University of Rochester: Jun 9-11 1980
Publisher: Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, Part 1-3
Condition: Excellent
Price: $10.00
U.S Official Pictures of the World War,
embossed cover
Copyright: 1920
Publisher: Eames-Luckett Corp
Condition: Excellent
Price: $100.00

Vintage Book: Official ANA Grading Standards for US Coins, 1977
Vintage Book: Rare Coin Review #37 &#38, 1980 Vintage Book: American Rare Coin Masterpieces, Rare Coin Review #33 & #35, 1980
Antique Book: Dressmaking, 1917
Antique Book: Moody: His Words, Work & Workers, 1877
Title:Official ANA Grading Standards for US Coins
Publisher:  Western
Condition: Excellent
Price: $6.00

Rare Coin Review,
#37 & 38
NE Numismatics Inc, Sum, 1980
Nummus Mundi, #4 Winter 80-81
Condition: Excellent
Price: $8.00

American Rare Coin Masterpieces, Rare Coin Review #33 & #35, The Seller Collection; Mar 1980, The Park forest Collection; Oct 1980 (5)
Price: $12.00
Title: Dressmaking
Publisher: Scribner Press
Condition: inscription on inside
Price: $25.00

Title: Moody: His Words, Work, & Workers
Publisher: Nelson & Phillips
Condition: worn, age spots
Price: $20.00

Antique Medical Book: Tokology, 1888
Antique Book, The United States Navy from the Revolution Date, 1915 Antique Book, Uses of Crepe & Tissue, 1985 Antique Book, Legal Recreations, Humorous Phases of the Law, 1882 Antique Book, Hand Book Minnesota State Prison, 1924
: Tokology (Obstetrics)
:Alice B Stockham M.D.
Copyright: 1888
Publisher: Alice Stockham & Co
Condition: missing back spline, 2
front pages are loose
Price:  $50.00

Title: The United States Navy
from the Revolution to Date
Austin M Knight
Copyright: 1915
Publisher: P F Colliers & Sons
Condition: wear on edges cover, inside excellent
Price: $20.00
Title: Uses of Crepe & Tissue Paper,
93 pages
Author: Metropolitan Art Series
Copyright: 1895
Publisher: Butterick Publishing 
Condition: front & back cover
detached, inside excellent
Price:  $20.00
Title: Legal Recreations, Humorous Phases of the Law
Irving Browne
Copyright: 1882
Publisher: Sumner Whitney Co
Condition: several spots on cover, excellent inside
Price:  $30.00
Title: Hand Book, Minnesota State Prison,
Stillwater, MN
Copyright: April, 1924
Condition: front cover is detached, no back cover
Price:  $35.00

Antique Book, The Winter Bloom, 1850 Antique Book, The Eclectic Sunday School Library, 1875 Antique Book, Life's Task, Robert Louis Stevenson Antique Book, Hygiene for Young People, 1885 Antique Book, Things out of Doors
Title: The Winter-Bloom
Publisher: Hogan & Thompson
Condition: intact, worn, foxing
Price: $30.00

Title: The Eclectic Sunday School Library
John Vincent &
Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
Copyright: 1875
Publisher: Nelson & Phillips
Condition: some foxing
Price: $35.00
Title: Life's Task,
Gem Series
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Copyright: no date
Publisher: Dutton & Co. designed in England, Printed in Bavaria
Condition: inscription, lots of gold, lovely little book
Price: $18.00
Title: Hygiene for Young People,
Pathfinder Physiology No. 2
Copyright: 1885
Publisher: A S Barnes Co
Condition: inscription, excellent 
Price:  $35.00

Title: Things Out-Of-Doors
no date
Publisher: George Routledge
Condition: spline loose, 6 pages have parts missing, worn
Price: $15.00