Resurrected Art

 a kinder, gentler, metal recycler with a minimal carbon footprint 



mission statement

To bring joy & tranquility to people's lives by producing quality yard art & metal sculptures for their viewing & leisure pleasure. to produce additional products that have an impact on all the five senses sight, sound, feel, smell & even taste (we also mfr smokers, grills & patio furniture).

company goals

It is the goal of this organization to incorporate as many recycled/resurrected components of metal, iron, steel asis appropriate to create the best possible product while at the same time leaving the least possible carbon footprint

personal agenda

to use the skills & talents that god has bestowed upon me to create what is desired by the clientele. to produce desired items out of what is available in the salvage/Resurrection storage bin to appreciate the fact I live in a country that allows me the freedom, to use the physical ability, the mental capacity & the inspiration for the creative process. by being creative we strive to mfr here in the heart of America & not mass produce products that can be replicated/ mass produced in an offshore facility or sweat shop ( allowing again to produce with a minimal carbon footprint as it eliminates shipping, packing,storage,from being done on a repeated & redundant basis)


started out welding in eighth grade metal shop class in the early 70's still good friends of the metal shop teacher, now a world renown stainless steel sculpture ran an industrial welding business for 15 years. during this time i witnessed the slow undoing of the American produced goods to that of imported products i watched to the point where i could no longer mfr products @ the same price my competitors were selling imported finished goods for to the same customers i spent the past several years in the retail side of the rental business.

during this time i still had a burning desire to develop & construct items with my own two hands it turned out that yard art & metal sculptures were very well received i got positive feedback a majority of the time

"if you agree with me 7 out of 10 times than go along with me 
if you agree with me 10 out of 10 times then go see a psychiatrist" 
- ED KOCH, former mayor NYC

after making several pieces of yard art i made up a couple of religous artifax i donated a hand made cross to our local church fund raiser, i was humbled, flattered & blown away by how much money it raised THUS THE NAME RESURRECTED ART WAS BORN a substantial amount of it was produced with recycled/ressurected materials. since having the opportunity to gravitate from left-brain technical thinking; towards right-brain visionary inspiration i have felt reborn, revived & ressurected (the three R's) our wish is for our creations to empower you to feel the same reborn, revived, & ressurected