Second Grade Happenings

February 2019

Notes from Ms. Frederick: Updated February 14

Current Science concepts- The unit is on penguins and Antarctica. This includes: 6 types of penguins, vocabulary, their food, a few facts about each, location, and explorers that went to Antarctica.  Videos and books will help the children understand the concepts. The length of the unit will depend on the number of upcoming snow days.

Current Math concepts- . We started the unit on Geometry today, February 14. It will involve solid(3D) and plane(2D) shapes. Attributes of all will be taught. Please continue to practice basic subtraction facts with your child. We will continue to do computation in warm ups. Some children are struggling to get the final answer because of the basic subtraction fact in the one's place.

Religion- We will start the Benziger series tomorrow. Many of the themes and concepts have been taught in our Religion series.

Handwriting- We started cursive writing recently. We will be going very slowly. I started with correct paper placement. I will be teaching letters with similar strokes and then putting into words. Please do not go ahead and let your child practice different letters from the ones we do in class. They are very excited but I want to go slowly with lots of practice.

Notes from Mrs. Warehime for the week of February 4th:

Social Studies:  We kicked off our lessons on Chinese New Year on Tuesday with a package from Globe Trot Scott. This week will will use Epic! online books (in small groups) about Chinese New Year to expand our knowledge about this cultural celebration (It is the year of the pig!)  We are working in small groups to complete a small research assignment on Martin Luther King, Jr.  We have used Epic! online books and other sources to answer our questions about Dr. King.  Due to snow days and delays, we're still working on this.  Later this month, we will turn our learning toward American Presidents and African American History Month.  

Language Arts:
    Phonics:  We have expanded our realm of syllabication to include closed (CV) and consonant-le (Cle) syllables.  Our word of the day routine has really helped to reinforce our knowledge of the six syllable types.  We are also learning the rules of syllabication (so far...divide between double consonants and when there's only one consonant between vowel sounds, try the consonant with both syllables to see which way sounds like a real word.)

    Spelling:  All Words Their Way spelling groups received new word sorts on Monday (due to snow they did not have their spelling tests last week.)  Spelling homework is on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Your child keeps their word sorts in their yellow folders at all times, so pull them out and practice them every night (which can be part of their Read 20 on nights when there's no spelling homework.) When sorting words at home, there are many ways to sort them.  Have your child sort them by their spelling patterns (the headings go with these.), part of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) or syllable type (closed, magic e, vowel team, r-controlled, open.)

    Vocabulary:  "Word of the Day" has been very well received and the kids look forward to looking at the light box in the classroom to see what the word will be when they come in each day.  Please scroll down to see our running list of words!

    Grammar:  On Monday, we began our new mentor text, "Skippyjon Jones". Our focus will be character/setting, and possessive vs. plural nouns.  As always, we also reinforce nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns when using our book for our mentor sentence.

    Writing:  Our next large writing project will be an informational piece on a President or Famous African American of their choosing.  I'm hoping to make the time for them to create a nonfiction book, complete with text features we have learned about (table of contents, headings, photos/captions, diagrams/labels, glossary, index, etc.)

    Religion- Just like Ms. Frederick's class, the children are learning about forgiveness, forgiving others, and God's forgiveness of their sins. They will learn about examination of conscience, contrition, absolution, and the reason people meet with the priest in Reconciliation.


Week 1: clever, dainty, pounce, shrub
Week 2: generous, rambunctious, inquire, clench
Week 3: digit, nibble, attire, spectator
Week 4: omit, brim, grumble, topple
Week 5: candidate, unique, numerous, devour
Week 6: ability, trivial, baffled, weary