RST - product overview

Today's industrial paper mill is a complex organization. One that brings together people, resources and facilities in order to develop, manufacture and market products in a profitable way.

The first step to achieve profitability is to establish an information system that support automation, minimizes cost, inventory and does not disrupt the mill production.

Automation is the key role in this information system, but automation alone can not shorten lead times, reduce inventories and maximize throughput of a mill. This can only be accomplished by integrating information throughout the paper mill.

This is the reason Redwood Software Technology, Inc. has focused on all departments inside a paper mill that the individual departments are able to work, communicate and respond together as a team.
Redwood Software Technology’s philosophy is to have a long term architectural strategy that provides the foundation to accommodate today's needs while taking tomorrow in account.

Our solution is called XP6 which means excellent products created through an automation system that integrates all 6 departments.
Redwood Software Technology’s focus is the manufactory process, its data and information as well as its hardware, machinery and product definitions. Everything together will be channeled through the mill and visible to operators, managers, logistic people and planners as knowledge in a compact, fast and real-time way.

Despite focusing on the information to knowledge conversion in real-time Redwood Software Technology uses protocols and standards to give the customer the best, safe and robust product at a very affordable price.

XP6 Product line features

Smart & Powerful Manufactory Execution System (MES) for your plant floor

Customizable module approach allows flexibility to match your business needs

Based on reliable and proven technology

Outstanding price/performance

Intuitive user interfaces for fast acceptance and understanding