Redwood Software Technology, INC


Redwood Software Technology defines real-time Manufacturing Execution Systems based on a standard, cost effective platform for the
continuous manufacturing industries.


Industries that manufacture their products through a
continuous process. These are: chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, petroleum, gas, marine, metals, minerals, mining, building supply material, pulp, paper, rubber and printing industries.

In 2004, Redwood will focus on the
paper industry, because of already established customers and business connections. 


Redwood Software Technology, Inc. is a global provider of
system integration services and software components dedicated to the automation of continuous manufacturing. The company's comprehensive portfolio of product, software, analysis, services and expertise is designed to improve factories not only in managing its products but also in excessively increasing its productivity and output due to the unleashing power of real-time visibility of production.

The company's latest product,
XP6, offers an unsurpassed level of enterprise management. It supports the company's vision of e-business in the manufacturing industry at the click of a mouse giving convenience and cost-savings to supplier and customer.