Redwood Software Techonology's headquarter in San Jose California; offices in Würenlos, Switzerland. We serve customers at locations all over the world.
Redwood Software Technology, Inc.

is a leading provider of real-time Manufactory Execution Systems (MES) for continuous process production.

With our headquarter in San Jose, we are located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Our products are developed and assembled in the USA for our international paper mill clients.
Satisfied customers from Russia, China, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. produce their products with systems delivered by Redwood Software Technology, Inc.
To deliver the best possible service we maintain offices in Switzerland to support our customers overseas.


Redwood Software Technology, Inc. was founded to provide system integration services and software components to support the automation of continuous production manufacturing.


A redwood tree symbolizes longevity, stability, strongness and is a well-known landmark of California.