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Spanish Eclectic

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This was the 2nd home we built for this customer. During construction of the first one they found another piece of property that they preferred, and had a new addition to their family. We were all fortunate that we found a buyer for the first home before it was complete, so we started the planning process on the 2nd home right away.

Even though the design was unique, the owner was already familiar with our processes. We used many of the same products and vendors from the first project, and the owner was involved in negotiating for some of the services with companies they were already familiar with. This home took advantage of several of our value strategies and was built at a very reasonable cost-per-square-foot for a project of this caliber.

"We hired Keith to build our home and then hired him a second time as a construction manager for our second custom home. The cost of his service was offset by the time and money we saved. He helped us make numerous smart decisions and provided a good source for information and answers to our questions." - Andrew and Christie Matthews

+Project Characteristics:

Cost-plus Fixed-fee Builder-owner Agreement
A reduced fee was offered because of the established relationship.
A detailed pre-construction estimate was provided.
Open-book Project Management