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In-Fill Italian Villa

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The owners of this project also owned their own interior design business. Since they had existing relationships, they preferred to manage the associated finishing trades themselves. 

This Italian Villa actually has a basement along with challenging site conditions. Groninger Homes built the shell of the home up through the completion of the drywall portion of the project. Once the drywall was complete, most of the finishing trades worked directly with the owners to complete the project. Groninger Homes continued to provide management and jobsite instructions to ensure that the completion of the project went smoothly.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the project was actually helping the owners manage their finishing trade contractors. We organized routine meetings at the job site to discuss the schedule, review scopes of work, anticipate upcoming needs and avoid potential conflicts. It was fun putting the owner on the hot seat and make sure they were managing their part of the project effectively. When asked they felt the experience was rewarding.

"As owners of an interior design firm, we had our own sources for most of the trades we used for the finishes of our home. Keith organized the process and kept us on task to complete the home without any surprises. We would recommend his services to anyone that needs help organizing their project." - Bubba Brewer, Montanna Associates

+Project Characteristics:

Fee-Based Services Provided
Owners Paid Bills Directly
Structural, and Shell Enclosure Supervision
Finish Trade Observations and Recommendations