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Spanish Colonial Revival

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This project was built on a fee-basis with shared risk between owner and builder. The home was designed by a residential designer that had designed a home for friends of the owner. We provided preliminary estimates during the design process to ensure that the project stayed on budget.

When the construction drawings were complete, we provided a detailed estimate with 2 or 3 bids on all of the major components of the home. Upon completion of the specifications, we established a firm budget for the project.

The builder's fee was a fixed amount included within the total cost of construction. The project was "open book", therefore all documents and records were available for review by the owner. The contract stipulated that if the project came in under budget, the savings would be shared and likewise if the costs were over budget, the burden would be shared as well.

The project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget, so we are pleased to say they are happy customers.  Please let us know if you would like more information about this type of construction agreement. If you would like to talk to the owners about Groninger Homes building for you, please contact our office and we will give you their information.

"We love our new home. Keith, Angela and Butch were wonderful to work with. The process went smoothly without incident. We feel quite comfortable recommending Groninger Homes." - Ken and Ruth Bradley

+Project Characteristics

Design-Build Plan Development
Pre-Construction Services Provided
Fee-Based Turn-Key Services Provided
Owner and Builder Shared Financial Risk