Residential Construction Services -

ResConServ provides construction and green management services and resources to businesses and consumers that want to optimize the residential construction process. 

 Construction Management
Add construction management to your project to facilitate communication and efficiency. Let us show you how we can: save more money than the cost of our services; decrease the amount of time to plan and build the project; reduce mistakes; and improve quality.

 Green Project Management
The challenge of implementing and documenting the requirements for green certification is a daunting task many builders and home owners have avoided. Additionally, the risk of overlooking the installation or verification of some of the features can lead to expensive changes or a loss of crucial green points. 

Reducing the demand for energy is a cost-effective approach that works best when considered in the early design phase of a project. Solar orientation and passive design techniques work with the forces of nature to reduce heating and cooling costs while creating an environment that is healthier and more comfortable.

Add detailed specifications to your project for increased efficiency and clear communication. Our specifications will provide all the information required by the builder, the trade contractors and suppliers working on the project. Concise information supports accurate bidding and prevents mistakes and delays.

The tools for managing projects and information are evolving quickly with the advent of the "cloud". The cloud enables sharing and and access to information from any location. Add new systems and procedures to your project or business that streamline communication and document management.

Trade Contractors and Building Material Suppliers are the backbone of a construction project. Strong relationships and processes that support the success of the vendors, can have profound positive effects on the cost, quality and service provided by the team that actually performs the work.