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Starting School


Reremoana Schools uniform is supplied by Uniform Works. Uniforms can be ordered via an online ordering system as they do not have a retail shop. 
You can order items via this link. All items will be monogrammed with the Reremoana School logo.

New Entrants

Reremoana School operates on an intake system which will help aid the transition from early childhood centres into the new entrant classes. Our new entrants are able to start school on the day they turn five. All documentation must be completed before your child starts school. Prior to starting, our new entrants are invited to attend two pre school visits. These visits help your child (and you) feel comfortable about coming into school, enable your child to become familiar with the class and teacher and provide time for you to ask questions.

Pre-Enrolment Of Pre-Schoolers

We would appreciate anyone planning to enrol in the future completing and returning a ‘Pre-Enrolment’ form. These are available from our office or can be downloaded and emailed to office@reremoana.school.nz. Please see the bottom of this page to download this form.

Pre School New Entrants

New entrant visits will occur on two consecutive Fridays prior to the child’s starting date. Children will need to be enrolled and their documentation completed at the office prior to their first school visit. Parents will only be contacted about school visits if there is a reason why the visit dates need to be changed. We would appreciate it if on the morning of the visit, that parents/guardians and the student report to the school office first to sign in as a visitor before proceeding to the child’s classroom. On the day your child starts school please also report to the office before bringing your child over to the classroom. If there is a reason why your child can not attend two visits prior to the child's starting date please contact the school office beforehand.

Visits are between 09:00 and 11:00 am. Children need to bring a small snack for morning tea. Parents/guardians must remain with their child for the duration of the visit.

Ready, Set, Go programme for 4 Year Olds 

Reremoana School is proud to offer a pre-school programme for 4 year old children that aids in the transitioning of pre-school children into the primary school setting. This programme is available to all 4 year olds who will be starting at Reremoana School in term prior to them starting school.

Ready, Set, Go! is a series of 4 sessions where the children work with Karien Fourie (Assistant Principal) on foundation learning skills and early literacy and numeracy. During the sessions parents work with the members of the school's leadership team on how they can support their child's learning. The programme allows children to form relationships with peers, familiar themselves with the school and create a sense of belonging, making their transitioning to school easier.

Ready, Set, Go! runs on Thursdays from 2:00-3:00pm for 4 weeks (week 6-9) in the Term prior to the child starting school.The programmes are regular advertised through the school Facebook page and Newsletter. Bookings are done through school office at 2690069.

The programme does not replace normal New Entrant visits. Parents of pre-enrolled students will receive a letter prior to the recommended visits informing you of dates etc. Please confirm these visits with the office. For health and safety reasons you will need to stay at the school during your child's visit.


Children who start school in Term 1 are classified as Year 1s immediately and children starting in Term 2 or after are classified as Year 0s.  Teachers at Reremoana School ensure programmes are provided based on the children’s needs no matter what year level they are classified at.

A Good Start to School

The following skills, attributes and behaviours develop throughout our lives. Some examples of age appropriate ways that your child might do these things:

  • Emotional Intelligence - encourage sharing and consideration for others, e.g. help your child to learn the words to describe how they are feeling and encourage them to express the way they feel in different situations
  • Independence - try to make your child as independent as possible by being able attend to their personal needs e.g. toileting in a place other than their own, taking their outer clothing on and off by themselves, selecting food to eat appropriately from a lunchbox, encouraging children to clean and pack up their own equipment/toys after they have finished playing
  • Communication - become confident to express themselves clearly e.g. use appropriate language about how they feel, and how to ask appropriate questions or for support to make sure their needs are met, teaching your child to listen to information and to follow simple instructions
  • Perseverance - being able to complete a task that they have started e.g. a difficult jigsaw or puzzle

Reading, Writing and Maths

  • Reading - developing a positive attitude and love of books by reading to your child and talking about the stories and pictures as you go, drawing their attention to the words and pictures
  • Writing - identify their name and if possible write it, provide opportunities to write using a variety of equipment (in the earlier stages of ‘pre-writing’ your child’s efforts may not resemble letters or words)
  • Maths - being able to count to ten, playing with shapes and jigsaws, ordering sizes and talking about larger, smaller, longer, shorter will assist in developing mathematical thinking

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