Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we get at school about our BYOD programme. As always, if you need anymore information than what is presented here please get in touch with us at school.

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Bring Your Own Device allows students to have one-to-one time on a device that is set up to their specifications for their learning. This has many benefits, including:

  • enabling students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning
  • empowering students to learn at a pace and place as well as a way which suits them
  • teaches students how to discern what tool will best help with their learning
  • encouraging and enabling teachers to more easily implement personalised learning
  • prepares students for a future where they are likely to be working in an environment with increasing amounts of technology and IT/collaborative/cloud based tools.

How does Google Apps for Education (GAFE) work?

The Google Apps for Education suite offers apps for email, calendar, blogs, documents, presentations and website creation as well as Google Drive, which is a way of organising all of the work done on these apps. The use of these apps are free and can be used in ‘the cloud’ - a collaborative environment where others can access and work on documents together in real time. GAFE allows students to access their work from school, home, the local library - anywhere with an internet connection.

You can see more FAQ aout GAFE here:

What is Hapara Teacher Dashboard?

Hapara Teacher Dashboard is an interface which brings together the tools of GAFE in an overview style so that teachers can access, set tasks, mark and comment on work completed in the GAFE suite. It gives teachers the ability to oversee an entire class of work, like they would a class set of exercise books. It also allows teachers and senior school staff the ability to oversee all the activity of any student account. This gives the ability to do a range of things, including, but not limited to: changing passwords if students forget them or suspending an account if the Student Responsibility Agreement is breached.

You can read more about Teacher Dashboard here:

How long will my child spend on their device?

At Reremoana School we will be aiming for a style of ‘Blended Learning’ in our BYOD classes. This means that students will enjoy learning both with their devices and also with more traditional means of learning as both are valid. Keeping in mind the considerable investment that is made on the devices, teachers will endeavour to utilise devices as much as possible during the school day, as well as using them for home tasks. Students will also be encouraged to take breaks from their screen in what is considered good practise for this type of learning.

Will the use of these devices in classrooms cause my child to be distracted?

Chromebooks at school will have the sole use of being used for educational purposes. Our current learners are more engaged and motivated by this type of learning, rather than distracted. As with all learning styles, teachers will also have procedures and guidelines in place for ensuring that learning is happening.

How is access to potentially harmful material limited at school?

As with all internet use at Reremoana School, there is a filter that will block visiting sites with a potentially harmful nature. Teacher dashboard also allows teachers to monitor students emails and correspondence in the google suite so as to limit potential negative behaviour and exposure here. The Cybersafety agreement that students and parents sign have very clear guidelines for what to do if and when an issue occurs.

How will the device be kept safe at school?

BYOD Classrooms will have procedures in place for looking after devices including lockable storage units for students to place their devices in when they are not in use or students are out of the classroom. Although every effort will be taken to keep devices safe by both the students and the teachers, the overall responsibility lies with the student to follow these procedures to ensure the safety of their device.

What about the other students who do not have a device?

Students who do not have a device will have access to school owned devices, both Chrome book as well as other options that have always been provided in classes. This means that students who do not have devices will have more time to use classroom equipment as the ratio of those that need access to it decreases with others using their own device. Reremoana School will continue to purchase IT equipment for classes to supplement the BYOD devices brought in by students.

Do I need to purchase my device from Noel Leeming?

No. Noel Leeming has provided us with a package deal that includes a carry bag, earphones and insurance for convenience (and at a great price!), but you are by no means obligated to use this deal. The only stipulation is that the Chromebook you buy must meet our minimum requirements.

What if I decide not to purchase a device as soon as my child moves into Year 5?

Devices can be purchased at anytime of the year, or not at all. Students will still continue to learn in a ‘blended learning’ style and will not be disadvantaged. If you feel like you need more information about BYOD, Blended Learning or the Chromebooks before you purchase, please get in touch with your classroom teacher or our senior leadership team.