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Contact Us

Office telephone number: 09 269 0069

Office fax number: 09 264 0589

Post Office Box: 75 210,

Manurewa, Manukau  2243


New Zealand

Reremoana School


Office Manager: Maree Powrie - email Maree

Principal: Julie Cowan - email Julie

Office Hours

Maree Powrie, our office manager, is in the office between 8:30am and 3:30pm Monday - Friday. Geri Bremner and Jacqui van der Merwe also work in the office. The office is not open out of these hours but phone messages can be left by calling 269 0069

Contacting Us By Phone

Phone – 09 269 0069        Fax – 09 264 0589

Our phone system gives the caller a number of different options;

Option ‘0’ takes you to our Office Manager in school hours

Option ‘1’ allows you to record absentee messages

Option ‘2’ gives callers the opportunity to leave a message for staff members

Option ‘3’ gives you information about school events

Option ‘4’ gives contact information for our school

Messages are also able to be left out of school hours

Email Addresses

Office – office@reremoana.school.nz

Principal – principal@reremoana.school.nz or  juliec@reremoana.school.nz

All staff have an email address which starts with their first name and the first letter of their surname, for example, Lynn Fothergill’s email address is lynnf@reremoana.school.nz

For a full list of contacts please see the staff page

Questions, Queries and Concerns

From time to time families will have questions or concerns about aspects of school life. We also know that no matter how well we think we have communicated, sometimes messages can be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

We ask that when questions or concerns arise, you approach your child’s teacher or the appropriate staff member as soon as possible. In most cases your child’s teacher, as the person who interacts with your child on a daily basis, has the most information about your child’s learning and development.

We would far rather address any concern immediately, than let it escalate into a larger issue.

We also appreciate hearing when things are going well for you and your child!

Meetings With Teachers

From time to time families may wish to meet with teachers outside each term’s scheduled reporting or ‘conference’ times to discuss an aspect of their child’s learning and/or development. Parents are encouraged to arrange to meet with their child’s teacher at any time during the year when they feel it is necessary to provide or receive information about their child.

Our staff are more than happy to meet with you at a mutually convenient time. We ask that a meeting time is arranged rather than just ‘popping in for a chat’, as teachers have a number of scheduled meetings and spend a significant amount of time preparing for their class’ learning. It is also important that teachers are available for the children in their class before school.

It may also be that your child’s teacher may initiate a meeting with families to discuss an aspect of a child’s learning, development or behaviour. Teachers would far rather be proactive in dealing with their concerns, than wait for a scheduled reporting/meeting time to come up. Often families have additional information that may assist teachers in better meeting the specific needs of the child, or information which may explain observations made by the teacher. By meeting together, any concerns can be addressed in a constructive, collaborative way.