About Us

An Introduction To Reremoana School....

Reremoana School is a full primary (Years 1– 8) school on the Wattle Downs peninsula in Manurewa, South Auckland. We opened on February 7, 2006. Last year we celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary. The 2016 year began with around 410 students, and our roll is expected to grow to around 465 by the end of the 2016 school year.

Located on the Wattle Downs peninsula in Wattle Cove, Reremoana School provides a ‘heart’ for our developing urban community.

Our third phase of building was completed in Term 4, 2013, with four classrooms being added, bringing our total number of classrooms to 18. Over the next few years we will continue to grow, eventually catering for a roll of around 500 students. Last year we completed a re-cladding project, with all of our original buildings being remediated to fix leaky issues.

Reremoana School is a community of learners. Our programmes of learning combine the best of old and new; all staff work to see the 'whole child' develop to the best of his or her potential. Through consultation with our community prior to opening and discussions with our Establishment Board of Trustees and staff, we developed a ‘Model of Success and Excellence’ that guided the initial decision making and planning for our school. One of the competencies we see as incredibly important in learning is ‘Reflection’. Through reflection and consultation, our initial learning model has further developed into the Reremoana School Learning Model. This model is evident in every classroom.

Reremoana School Learning Model

After consultation with the community and staff in 2008 and 2009, we have developed a new learning model for our school. This model incorporates aspects of school and learning considered important by our staff and community and links closely with the concepts referred to as ‘Key Competencies’ in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Our Learning Model reflects the crucial relationship Learning to Learn (Understanding the process of learning and gaining knowledge. Knowing what to do with this learning, and doing it!) and Learning Together (Learning with and from each other in a supportive and positive way in a range of contexts).

We encourage our students to take increasing amounts of age appropriate responsibility for all aspects of school life. This includes their learning, behavioural choices and social interactions. We encourage and work with our learners to develop ‘intrinsic motivation’ – internal motivation to make positive and appropriate choices for one’s own learning and behaviour rather than being motivated by external rewards or threats

We hold high expectations for both learning and behaviour. Reremoana School's 'Guidelines for Learning and Behaviour' were developed during a process involving community consultation, staff professional development and discussion, and genuine input from children across all ages. This was revised and updated by our Student Leaders in 2012

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As a relatively new school, we are continually reinforcing the development of a very positive school culture. We encourage a culture of positive relationships, conflict resolution and a strong anti-bullying philosophy. As part of our staff professional development programme prior to and after the school opened, we focused on ensuring we have a culture where bullying is actively discouraged. Because we know that all children will, at some stage in their life, come across a 'bullying' situation, we believe it is also important to work with children to develop strategies to deal with potential 'bullying' situations as either 'the bully', 'the bullied' or 'the bystander'. Children and families are encouraged to communicate any concerns to an appropriate staff member as soon as they occur.

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Celebration of success and individual excellence occurs regularly and in a variety of ways. We have some form of celebration afternoon every Friday from 2:30pm – 3:00pm. Friends and family members are encouraged to join us and where possible join in the celebrating of our students’ learning.

We know that forming and maintaining a strong relationship between home and school is crucial in ensuring our students achieve to the best of their ability. Celebration afternoons are just one of a number of ways we work to foster this.