November 19, 2010-The US Army UV-20 airplane was based at Republic Airport. The UV-20 was used by the Army's Black Daggers jump team as they parachuted into Yankee Stadium during half-time ceremonies at the November 20th Army-Notre Dame football game.
 Photo: John Musolino
November 20, 2010-The new Talon Air office and hangar complex at Republic Airport nears completion.
Photo: Leroy Douglas
November 20, 2010-The LI-Republic Airport Historical Society and officials of Republic Airport celebrated Lynn Mc Donald's twenty-five years of service to the Society with coffee and cake.  His son, Rick Mc Donald and Rick's mother Sophie, joined us to acknowledge Lynn's numerous contributions to the Society. Over the years, Lynn greatly expanded the Society's archives adding photos, books, documents, and airplane models. He mounted almost all the photo and model exhibits, which the public viws without charge in the lobby of the Republic Airport Terminal Building. He served as our second president for more than ten years. In December 2010, he donated his extensive collection of aviationbooks, magazines and aviation journals to the Society.
L to r: Maurice Black, Mike Morra, Rick Mc Donald, Sophie Mc Donald, Lynn Mc Donald, Leroy Douglas,Shelley LaRose-Arken, the manager of Republic Airport, Michael Geiger, the director of Republic Airport for the New York State Department of Transportation, Robert Ford, Terry Alleg and Charlie Bowman.
Photo: John Musolino
November 24, 2010-The Columbus Blue Jackets NHL hockey team's DC-9 was based at Republic Airport as the Blue Jackets were visiting Long Island to play the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum on Thanksgiving Eve.
Photo: John Musolino
December 7, 2010-The Air Force Association hosted the annual "Dropping of the Roses" ceremony at the American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport on the 69th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
 Pearl Harbor survivors: seated: William Halleran, Gerard Barbosa, Seymour Blutt and Bernard Berner after being honored at the "Dropping of the Roses" ceremony at the American Airpower Museum.
Photo: John Musolino
Joseph Daly, a Vietnam air combat veteran, receiving roses to be dropped over the Statue of Liberty on December 7, 2010. GEICO Skytypers pilot, Jim T. Record prepares to take off. Photo: John Musolino
December 17, 2010-The American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport organized a "75th birthday party" for the Douglas DC-3 on the 75th anniversary of its initial flight. Joshua Stoff, the curator of the Cradle of Aviation Museum said the Douglas DC-3  is "one of the greatest airliners ever built."
Michael Geiger, the director of Republic Airport. explaining how the Douglas DC-3 "changed air travel from a precarious, death-defying experience to a safe and reliable means of getting from here to there," as Shelley LaRose-Arken, the manager of Republic Airport looks on.
Photo: Leroy Douglas
December 18, 2010-The LI-Republic Airport Historical Society was given a tour of the Town of Babylon Museum in the original Babylon Town Hall (1917) The informative and interesting visit was lead by Mary Cascone, the director of the museum and by Thomas B. Smith, the historian of the Town of Babylon. Society members were very impressed by the exhibits in the museum, a tour of the original Town jail, the historical exhibits on each of the thrirteen communities in the Town of Babylon. Thomas B. Smith gave a very interesting talk on Camp Henry J. Damm Army Air Corps training field at the Belmont estate in North Babylon in 1918.
L to R: Robert Ford, Terry Alleg,Maurice Black, Ray Gaillard, Mike Morra and Babylon Town historian, Thomas B. Smith, after admiring the wallboard on the history of East Farmingdale. Photo: Leroy Douglas
December 28, 2010-The LI-Republic Airport Historical Society worked with officials of the Montana State Historical Society to explain how residents of sparsely settled Mc Cone County in east central Montana raised $83,000 for the cost of production of a Republic P-47 Thunderbolt during World War II. The P-47D-10RE was named "The Spirit of Mc Cone County."
"Spirit of Mc Cone County Republic P-47 participated in the liberation of North Africa from Germany in World War II. Photo: LI-Republic Airport Historical Society Archives.