The Replikon Plus Universal Self-Reproducing Machine Tool (In Development)

Additions, modifications, and extensions to the Iron Wood IW-1010 made in China can result in a fully self-reproducing machine tool. The process is analgous to cross-compling foreign source code, some of which may have been decompiled, and linking to needed libraries to resolve all external references, producing native object code for execution by a cloud of processors (for execution by a polycyborg of skilled laborers connected  internet).
  • Addition of a sheet goods bending brake to the extension saw table. (completed)
  • Addition of at least 5 saw blades: abrasive for steel, abrasive for stone and ceramic, carbide toothed for wood and plastic, carbide toothed for metal, and steel for plywood, cardboard, and thin sheet.Addition of cast iron bushings threaded M8x1.25 to ends of saw table and lathe tool rest lift posts. (completed)
  • Modification of intermediate shaft; the end near the carriage now accepts M6x1.0 threaded accessories. (completed)
  • Modification of old-series saw table by addition of two M8 countersunk holes to attach to posts. (completed)
  • Addition of an M6x1.0 socket head cap screw to the end of the intermediate shaft(completed; removable).
  • Modification of the accessory 6 inch lathe chuck: a deep groove now marks jaw position one (an arbitrary choice); 36 engraved lines around the circumference index the chuck; a vernier indexes 1 degree increments. (completed)
  • Modification of a copy of a collet indexer indexing plate to fit the main spindle for indexing 36 holes.
  • Addition of an M5 double-ball-end telescoping hex shaft to drive accessories whenever spindle rotates.
  • Addition of gravel and sand fill to bedway tubes to damp vibrations.
  • Finishing and polishing new bedway tubes to reduce ongoing wear of carriage and headstock.
  • Addition of a centerless grinding attachment to achieve materials/manufacturing closure by grinding a set of way tubes from steel pipe, so they can be finished by cutting the needed rack teeth for the carriage traverse.